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SEO Company Shares Importance of UX to SEO Efforts

When writing and organizing content for your website, what do you think about first: search engine optimization or user experience? What if, we tell you that you don’t have to think about one or the other? Instead, you can focus on both interchangeably to create a website that provides enough information that both consumers and Google find intriguing. Curious as to how to accomplish this feat, keep reading!

What is UX?

Before we go any further, we need to ensure that you understand what UX actually is. UX is short for user experience and its purpose is to remind you to think about the people that will be visiting your website. It can be easy to forget about users and just think about writing content specifically for search engines. However, that is probably the worst thing you can do. In fact, Google has recognized sites that are written solely for search engines and have penalized them.

How is UX Important to SEO Efforts?

Search engines want you to provide valuable content to your user base. The purpose is to develop your website and organization as a thought-leader. Did you know that Google has factored landing page experience in ranking websites? Take a moment to think about the layout and content on your website. Is it easy for users to navigate the site and find the information they are looking for? Or is the content complex, filled with the same keyword numerous times?

UX and SEO Best Practices

Now that you understand UX and its importance in regards to SEO efforts, you are probably wondering how you can implement this on your website. Here are some best practices we have found in our years of experience as an SEO company:

Conduct keyword research. Prior to writing any content for your website, you need to undergo keyword research. It is the baseline for web design, site messaging, and overall content on any website. You need to think about two things when undergoing keyword research. The first is to go into the searcher’s mind and think about the language that they will use to search for your product. The second is to determine what they mean by their search query. Are they looking to hire someone to help improve their search engine ranking or do they want tips to do it themselves?

Make your search engine result pop. On any search engine, your website will be listed along with 15 other links and advertisements. What will make your link stand out compared to competitors? Well, you should include relevant information in the title tag, URL, and meta description.

Keep people on your website. Congratulations! People have clicked through to your site. However, how long are they staying on your website? Do you have a high bounce rate? Try to keep people on your website by creating a relevant header or H1 tag, designing an easy navigation menu, showcasing calls to action, and fully optimizing the content to meet their needs.

What are the benefits of SEO and UX interacting?

Focusing on user experience, in the hopes of improving your SEO ranking, leads to numerous benefits:

  • Crafting content for the user. Instead of focusing on writing content for search engines, you are crafting content for the user. This will ultimately showcase your industry knowledge and expertise; this could potentially lead to a sale.
  • Improve functionality of your website. When designing a website with users in mind, you need to think about the functionality and navigation aspects. How easy is it for people to search through your site to find what they need? Improving this can lead to lower bounce rates and higher search engine rankings.
  • Turning visitors into loyal customers. As a business, one of your goals is most likely to attract and retain customers. Focusing on user experience will help you turn visitors into loyal customers. This can be accomplished by creating calls to action to make it easy for people to contact your company to inquire about your services.

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