Maximize Your Voice Search Strategy in Tampa, FL

Maximize Your Voice Search Strategy in Tampa, FL

Maximize Your Voice Search Strategy in Tampa, FL1280960 Kraus Marketing

Voice Search Strategy & Optimization for Your Florida Business

The technology for voice search has been around for a while. Several years ago, people would ask Siri questions and she would give them a Google article or provide a brief statement. That being said, the technology was not very comprehensive to start. With new developments such as Amazon Alexa, the technology has been advancing rapidly over the last few years and is now available in over 100 languages.

The more advanced voice search technology becomes, the more people use it. The great news for businesses is that there are ways to optimize your business for voice search just like in Google search engines. So, how do you optimize for voice search?

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Important Voice Search Statistics to Note

Before we dive into how to optimize for voice search, it’s important to note some key statistics. The majority of people running daily voice searches are between the ages of 25 and 49. Voice searches are very helpful when people are multi-tasking, or when they are driving. The majority of voice searches from smart speakers are done to research and buy products, and 55% of people visit the business’ website or call the business after they search using their smart speaker. Knowing how to utilize this information will give businesses an advantage when bringing in new customers.

Voice Search Strategy

To have a comprehensive voice search strategy, the first thing is to know how the formulas work. Be sure you get familiar with the algorithm or reach out to experienced agencies like Kraus Marketing.

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Understand Keywords

There is a main similarity between traditional SEO techniques and voice search technology; it’s all about keywords. It’s essential to know what keywords or phrases consumers use when they search for products or services that your business provides. Long-tail keywords are key phrases rather than a single word or words. For example, a keyword may be “Covid Symptoms” whereas the long-tail keyword would be “What are the first Covid symptoms?” Specializing in long-tail keywords will help advance your campaign.

Keep It Conversational

A voice search and a Google search do not use the same language. Voice searches are much more conversational. For example, data entered into a Google search will probably look like “minimum chicken temperature,” but voice searches will read more like, “Hey Siri, what temperature do I need to cook the chicken at?” Not only is the search more thorough, but it’s also more human. If you want to properly optimize for voice search, you need to get in the mindset of how people are going to search for your knowledge, products, or services through these platforms.

Develop an FAQ Page

A great way to have voice search engines pick up your website is to have an FAQ page. This style page may contain a list of questions that your target audience is asking and at the same time, host the answers that they’re looking for. People who use voice search generally prefer a quick answer, like in a conversation and an FAQ format makes it easy for search engines to find your content.

Track Your Results

Don’t forget to set goals for your voice search optimization campaigns before getting started. Then be sure to utilize software that can help you track your results. It doesn’t matter how good a strategy might be, it’s useless if you don’t have an ability to gauge its success.

Remember, if you’re new to the world of digital marketing, or are looking to expand your digital presence, Kraus Marketing can help. We believe in attaining key advantages for our clients like voice search optimization so that you can succeed. Learn how Kraus Marketing can help your business thrive! Contact us today.

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