How to Create Ad Extensions to Improve PPC as told by a Search Engine Marketing Agency

Did you know that adding ad extensions to your advertisement is proven to increase conversion rates? Ad extensions help your target audience move through your sales funnel. Here are a few tips to help you reach a higher conversion rate through ad extensions.

  • Convince potential consumers to purchase your product. The first thing most people will do when discovering they have a need for a product or service is research. During this stage, you should focus on including extended sitelinks and review extensions. Extended sitelinks enable you to provide greater detail when listing additional links. Utilizing extended sitelinks has the potential to increase CTRs and conversions. Review extensions allow you to showcase reviews that your company has received. This could be very helpful when consumers are in the research stage.
  • Help consumers find what they are looking for. Once consumers have figured out what product they would specifically like to purchase, you need to help them find it easily. This can be accomplished through callout extensions. Provide information that your target audience will be looking for to help progress your sales funnel.
  • Drive people to your store. Now that your consumers know that they want to purchase a product from you, drive them to your stores with ad extensions. Utilizing location and call extensions can help people find your stores. Share a phone number that consumers can call to find additional information regarding your product. A tip is to turn the extension off, or schedule them, to prevent people calling when your store is closed. Location extensions allow you to share your location in your advertisement and provides a link for directions.
  • Allow people to purchase something immediately. Ad extensions feature specific call-to-action buttons such as, buy now to speed up consumers’ purchasing decisions.

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