Google Maps Update Introduces AR Navigation

Google Maps Update Introduces AR Navigation

Google Maps Update Introduces AR Navigation 1280 853 Kraus Marketing

Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Business for the New Google Maps Update

While Google Maps is known primarily as a navigation resource, Google has been continually adding new features to encourage users to engage with it in a different way. Their discontinuation of their Trips mobile app marks a significant step in integrating Maps with capabilities like leaving reviews, contacting local businesses, ordering food, and more. Let’s take a closer look at one of their most recent Google Maps update.

Introducing AR

Under the term “Live View,” Maps now includes a feature that utilizes a phone’s camera to direct travelers on foot by overlaying arrows and labels on the scenery around them. This can be useful for out-of-towners exploring a new area or even for locals looking to discover their new favorite spot. Users are also now able to organize the places they’ve visited based on when they went and where, as well as share this information as a list with other users on the Timeline feature. However, this sorting feature is only available on Android.

Why This Matters From a Marketing Perspective

Google is basically handing you this great way to find organic traffic on a silver platter. Your job is to make sure that when these travelers are walking around trying to get to their destination, your business doesn’t just look enticing to visit, but that you market yourself around the area you’re in. For those traveling on foot to their destination, a well-placed sign in a high traffic area on their destination route might just be the key to them making a quick detour to your business.

Manage Your Google Appearance

Because Google Maps now has features allowing for personalized interaction with the businesses people visit, it’s now more crucial than ever for you to make sure your business information is properly listed online (i.e. location, opening hours, main products or services). This way interested customers can find you easily and help you build your reputation with recommendations and reviews. Make it easy for them to visit your website. When a business appears on Google, the business tab often includes a link to their website. Ensure that the link is correct and that it leads to a visually pleasing, functional website.

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