Long Island Builders Institute

The Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI) is a non-profit trade organization representing the interests of the building and construction industry on Long Island, New York. LIBI is committed to promoting sustainable and responsible growth in the industry while advocating for policies and regulations that benefit its members and the Long Island community.

LIBI provides its members various services and resources, including education and training programs, networking opportunities, and advocacy and government affairs support. The organization is dedicated to fostering a strong and vibrant building industry on Long Island while also working to enhance the quality of life for all Long Islanders.

Client Challenge

LIBI faced a challenge with its outdated website and brand image, which needed to accurately reflect its position as a leading organization in the building and construction industry on Long Island. There was a need for a more modernized design and increased functionality that would help current members access important information and potential members learn about the organization. Additionally, the LIBI logo and overall brand identity needed a refresh to represent the organization’s mission and values.

The Kraus Solution

Recognizing the need for a more professional and effective online presence, LIBI approached Kraus Marketing for a new website, logo design, complete branding services, and digital marketing campaign. Kraus Marketing worked closely with LIBI to understand their goals and objectives, and developed a comprehensive branding and digital marketing strategy to elevate their brand and online presence.

The new LIBI website features a modern design and improved functionality, making it easy for members to access important information and for potential members to learn about the organization. The updated LIBI logo and branding elements reflect the organization’s commitment to sustainable and responsible growth in the building industry.

The digital marketing campaign implemented by Kraus Marketing includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and other targeted ad strategies to reach potential members and increase awareness of LIBI’s mission and services. With Kraus Marketing’s expertise, LIBI is now able to effectively communicate its message and reach a wider audience, contributing to the growth and success of the building and construction industry on Long Island.

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