The latest updates for your brand regarding your social media strategy

The latest updates for your brand regarding your social media strategy

The latest updates for your brand regarding your social media strategy 2560 1894 Kraus Marketing

There is a whole lot happening behind the scenes of our favorite social media companies.

Staying on top of news on social media can be daunting, there is a lot of information to sift through any given day. If you’re in the marketing business, however, staying on top of the ins and outs of social media can help you better manage your brand, and learn a few new tricks along the way.

We’ve rounded up a few rumors and new features on top social media accounts that caught our interest. They ought to catch yours as well.


Periscope-like updates will be a common theme for social media companies in 2016. Periscope is a Twitter acquired app that launched early last year. The application allows you to view broadcasts in real time, or broadcast your own video to audiences. Celebrities like Edward Norton (@edwardnorton) and Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon) have even jumped on the bandwagon. Facebook, whose earnings reported that users watched 100 million hours of videos daily, rolled out Facebook Live, and imitation of Periscope which will allow ordinary users to broadcast live feed, not just public figures.

Another fun update for branding is the social media companies revamped “like” button, which features emoji like buttons that enable users to express more nuanced reactions to Facebook posts. Consider it a boon for brand managers that can use it to document a better idea of fan sentiment.


You’ve probably noticed increased sponsorship on your Instagram feed. The good thing about promoting on Instagram is that there is little to no learning curve involved. If you’ve set up an ad on Facebook, you can directly advertise through Instagram. Facebook bought Instagram for a whopping $1B in 2012 and now brands can meet their goals in attaining web clicks, video views and app installs—it’s easier than cutting pie.

Instagram’s latest updates now allow you to switch between accounts on Instagram, much to the relief of users. The app allows you to add up to five accounts without having to log out. Additional updates include Boomerang—which allows users to create an 8-second looping video, and metrics to measure video view counts.


LinkedIn rolled out new features with little fanfare for 2016, but they make a big impact. The changes in application design for both iOS and Android makes it easier for users to find relevant content and the user experience is much faster. They get bonus points for having a great look that is clean and appropriate for it’s business geared branding.


Add another app looking to jump on the Periscope wagon. Developers snooped around the back end of Snapchat’s android application to discover the company is testing out new audio and video features. Rumor has it that live-video streaming will be added to their options. The company is also looking to improve on their video chat—which users complained about because in order to use it, both parties have to be active on Snapchat. The social media company is likely looking for more ways to monetize it’s reported 100M users. News outlets and PR Users are currently sharing content on Snapchat daily, something the company is likely looking to capitalize on. Also, adding users on Snapchat got easier—you now have the option of adding friends by location, username, Snapcode or by URL.


Twitter is fast becoming a ticking time bomb among social media companies. Better and more innovative companies are poised to take over although a new algorithm and strategies signals that the company is attempting to change that. An algorithm shift reveals that the company is displacing recent tweets in favor of more popular posts. Users who favor the old Twitter style can opt-out of the change. Reportedly the social media company will also lift its 140-character limit—which CEO Jack Dorsey may have confirmed on his own Twitter account.

We’ve only hit the brink of what social media companies are now capable of doing. New companies crop up every month, looking to take over flagging companies—and the competition between them is fierce. For now, Facebook continues to lead the pack and dominates with over 1.5B users. But its’ success is tantamount to its relevancy, as all other social media companies are.

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