The Benefits of Having a Professionally Developed Mobile Website

The Benefits of Having a Professionally Developed Mobile Website

The Benefits of Having a Professionally Developed Mobile Website 2558 2560 Kraus Marketing

The benefits of a mobile website can do wonders for your brand!

In today’s increasingly mobile and portable world, it is no longer a “maybe” for businesses when it comes to having a mobile website; it’s a “must.”

In the U.S. market smartphones represent 58% of all mobile phones owned and this figure will continue to grow (ComScore, March 2013). Pew Internet reported in January 2013 that 31% of American adults own a tablet computer.

Users are surfing the Web on smartphones and tablets several times a day. In fact, it is predicted that by the end of 2014, more internet searches will take place on mobile than on desktop or laptop computers. Right now, it is estimated that 50% of all search for local products and services occurs on a mobile device.

Can you hear me now?

With a true mobile website, the smartphone or tablet recognizes that version of the website and loads it the way it was meant to be seen and navigated. There are several key benefits of a mobile website:

Responsive Design

Mobile-friendly websites are made to give a positive user experience that’s different from what you get on a desktop or laptop computer. The first thing visitors will notice is how the site loads on a smartphone or tablet— responsive design is a great way to make sure your end-user has a positive experience. Responsive design means the site is designed and coded to respond within the small-screen boundaries and touch-and-gesture experience of a mobile device. Content loads in a way that works properly within the confines of a mobile screen.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Mobile-friendly websites receive higher mobile search engine rankings than desktop sites that users are trying to access.

Lower Bounce Rates

They are statistically proven to have a lower bounce rate than a desktop site—probably due to its easier navigation and functionality.

Improved User Experience

They’re already on the go – why make them wait until they get back to the office to check something out on your website? Or even better, place an order!

Saves Money on App Development

A strong mobile website can save a company money by eliminating the need to create separate mobile apps for multiple platforms. A properly coded site will work across all operating systems with ease.

The benefits of a mobile website are simply too great to ignore! Talk to your website developer about updating your traditional website to a mobile website that goes anywhere with your audience and keeps them searching for your business. Or give us a call (on your smartphone, cell phone, or landline) to discuss your mobile needs, from websites to marketing campaigns.

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