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How To Use SEO To Boost Your Business

A business’s online presence can greatly be built through becoming a part of the community.

Local businesses are more prominent now more than ever before. According to an article on, local businesses accounted for 56 percent of total business use from July 2014 through July 2015. National chains only accounted for 44 percent of total business use in those 12 months. Since consumers are using local businesses more, it is crucial that all local businesses use SEO strategies to establish an online presence. Below are some important tips for doing so.

Know Who To Target

Local Publications

This is where your brand lives and thrives. Your target market trusts these local publications over big publications. Local publications are what your market is reading to find the best places nearby to go out to eat, shop or have a nice night with friends. You want to get your business’s name in local publications to boost brand awareness.

Hyperlocal Publications

Hyperlocal publications are much more specific. They may be targeting a specific area in your town or a specific demographic. If your brand targets a very niche market, it is especially import to get your business in hyperlocal publications.

What’s Written About Your Business Matters

Reviews can come in different types and sizes – the good, the bad and the ugly. Your local market will trust and take into account every single review they read. Your business may have 50 amazing reviews, but one terrible one. That one bad review could greatly affect a potential customer’s opinion of you before he even steps into your store or restaurant. Take every bad review as an opportunity. You now know there’s something to fix that you didn’t even know was broken.

Don’t Just Be a Business, Be a Person

Build Relationships

It is important for you as a brand and a business to engage with your community as any person would. Your brand should be building relationships with the people of the community. Like any relationship, you need to maintain that relationship through communication and engagement with your community. Also remember to treat your customers like family. Give an extra bracelet or necklace to the loyal woman who comes in every Friday to buy your handmade bracelets for her daughter’s soccer team.

Get Involved

If you want your business to be a part of the community, it has to be involved in the community. Volunteer your business to sponsor or participate in a local event. Make your business another neighbor in the community.

Prove You Are a Part of the Community

Locals don’t want a business that just uses their community as a place to make money. They want a business that knows the town like it too grew up, got married and raised its kids there. Be aware of all that is happening in your community and of its trends. Know the term everyone uses to refer to the old building on Main Street and when the next hockey game is.

Show What You Know

Produce a product for your community that is not sales related, like a newsletter or blog with tips for something your business has expertise in. “9 Tips for Eating Kale in Everyday Life” will certainly draw people in to your market and inspire them to buy your kale.

Don’t Be Afraid of National Brands

National brands often do co-op programs with local businesses. You could receive payment for using a national brand in your own business. Plus, being affiliated with a big brand could boost your reputation.

Ad Impressions Aren’t Everything

Instead of focusing on how many people liked the photo of your business on Instagram, focus on what people saw when they scrolled down their feed. Get your target market to establish a familiarity with your brand through consistent designs, colors or logos your put in your posts. Brand familiarity can be established easily, even if a person glances at your Instagram post for only a second.


These tips, along with other SEO skills will help boost your local business’s presence online.


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