Popular Digital Marketing Strategies for Black Friday 2017

Popular Digital Marketing Strategies for Black Friday 2017

Popular Digital Marketing Strategies for Black Friday 2017 2560 1707 Kraus Marketing

Popular Digital Marketing Strategies for Black Friday 2017

It’s that time of year again- 2017 begins its holiday season and with that comes the legendary Black Friday. With Black Friday 2016’s sales topping records as expected, it has been made clear that the real money is increasingly being made through online purchases. Last year, from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, U.S. consumers spent a total of $12.8 billion online. That means online sales increased by 15% compared to 2015’s money-making weekend. With the heavy rise of online purchases during the days that span Black Friday’s hype, comes the importance of focusing your marketing strategies through digital methods and platforms.

As a digital marketing agency, we have compiled a list of marketing strategies that may be just what your business is looking for to top the competitors during the Black Friday extravaganza. 

  1. Plan Ahead, Start Early

The goal of every business during Black Friday is to top last year’s profits. To do this, you need to draw the attention of your consumers and you need to do it early. Of course, there are last-minute shoppers, but a lot of people begin thinking about and are exposed to Black Friday advertisements as soon as November begins, and sometimes before then. It has been noted that more than 50% of holiday shoppers will start searching for gift ideas in October or earlier. Black Friday has turned into a monthly event, Black November, and last minute marketing strategies will leave you in the dust.

If Black Friday is a major event for your business, start planning your marketing tactics months in advance. Focus on creating lead gen campaigns that will allow you to help gather emails and narrow down an audience to target with promotions. Make sure you keep up with SEO efforts starting in early fall and begin posting on social media several weeks before the big day. Keep your brand tactfully in the mind of the consumer.

Also, be sure your website and online shopping platforms are able to handle the steep increase of traffic. The last thing you want is a site crash or a plethora of unexpected errors. 

  1. Go Mobile

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. It is 2017 after all. Last year, mobile devices accounted for a larger percentage of Black Friday traffic than ever seen before. It’s all about purchasing on the go or in the comfort of your home, not waiting outside a store, freezing in the middle of the night. Your business could be missing out on a huge profit if you are not mobile friendly, whether it is your entire site or your checkout options. Desktop purchases may still be leading the digital race, however, mobile devices are quickly catching up and are not to be ignored.

If you need to create landing pages tailored to Black Friday 2017 and the many deals you are offering, make sure these are made mobile friendly as well. Each aspect of the site should be converted if not previously adapted for mobile devices. You may even consider creating an app for your business to create a streamlined and simple way for consumers to browse and purchase. 

  1. Focus on Your Audience

Overgeneralized ads aren’t quite cutting it anymore. Consumers want personalization, and they want it now! First, you have the target group of previous buyers and loyal customers. Reach them through social retargeting ads or customized email blasts laden with personalized messaging. Integrate some type of “loyal customer” discount or membership program as well as suggestions tailored to their previous purchases.

Then you have the group of new customers to reach. Keep in mind that it is easier to convert previous users than new ones, however, data has shown that new users will often spend more money per person on Black Friday weekend. Your job is to draw them in starting with your website homepage. Welcome messages and pop up promotions can help keep their attention and immediately alert them of your sales. You may even add an incentive such as free shipping for new customers of 10% off your first order.

No matter what techniques you decide to use, remember that you want to keep both existing and new customers as year-round clientele. You will need to continue your digital marketing strategies in order to re-engage those consumers after the craze of Black Friday.

  1. Integrate Your Marketing Channels

Chances are you have more than one channel incorporated into your digital marketing. Well, you’re on the right track because retailers that combined mobile, email, and social media marketing in previous years showed higher sales during Black Friday. The problem is, using multiple channels is only half the battle. Now you need to make sure you are properly connecting with your target audience through each one. You messaging throughout each channel should remain consistent, but unique to help gain conversions.

A huge bonus of using multiple channels is the ability to relate them back to one another. Linking back to your own content is always a plus. Multiple channels also offer consumers the chance to share the content with friends and family through their preferred method.

  1. Be Excited

Although the hype may seem everlasting, beginning earlier and earlier each year, remember that Black Friday only comes once a year. You should use that to your marketing advantage. Make the people excited to buy and hype your sales up as if you are launching a new product. Add a countdown to your website, offer an exclusive email signup list for Black Friday 2017 offerings, and post post post on social media. Start a conversion and keep it going.

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