Kraus Marketing’s Monday Mashup 10/12/15

Kraus Marketing’s Monday Mashup 10/12/15

Kraus Marketing’s Monday Mashup 10/12/15 2560 1707 Kraus Marketing

What’s the buzz from last week? It’s all about Google, Facebook & Twitter with domain buys, ‘dislikes,’ & lightning!

Google Buys the ‘full alphabet’ .com:

As of October 2nd, Google announced that the company would become a subsidiary of their now parent company, Alphabet. Not long after this announcement, Google was surprised to find out that the domain was already owned by another major corporation; BMW – which has a subsidiary company entitled ‘Alphabet’ which deals with electric cars. Since the URL was already taken, Google decided to buy the full alphabet: Our view on this is that it’s a power play that will probably just redirect back to ABC.XYZ, Google’s URL for the parent company as of today.

Facebook emojis instead of ‘dislike’:

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced at a town hall Q&A session that the social media giant was getting a ‘dislike’ button. After whispers from the crowd, it was clarified that we wouldn’t exactly have a ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ button, but essentially have an empathy button. The empathy button would allow users to be able to acknowledge bad news on a friend’s feed. This new empathy button, called “Reactions” are six different emojis that will express other emotions that the like button currently does not. These emojis are currently being tested in two markets, Spain and Ireland and the results will bring them on a full scale or Facebook will roll out a hard ‘dislike’ button to compare with it’s counterpart already in action.

Twitter’s “Project Lightning” strikes:

Jack Dorsey becomes the new CEO of Twitter and Project Lighting strikes 24 hours later. The new product, being referred to as “Moments” is a group of tweets that are put together around a specific event. These moments exist within an added tab now on Twitter. Moments are being curated by both Twitter and Twitter partners such as the New York Times or BuzzFeed. Moments are constructed the same way you read: there is a beginning, middle and an end. This is different from the Twitter newsfeed which you read from the newest down. Read more about Project Lightning here.

The web gets faster with Google’s new HTML:

Ad blockers are becoming very popular because 1. it stops popups and 2. doesn’t slow down the loading time of a website. Google released Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP as they are being referred as. AMP is a new source in HTML that creates pages as lightweight, which allows them to open quicker when a user is on their mobile device. There is more of an opportunity to have your link shared when your content opens quicker on the site and is more user friendly.

Hotels are listening to your comments on social media:

A record $6.4 billion dollars in upgrades are being done by U.S. hotels to help beautify their existing hotels because of complaints they’ve received on social media platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. It’s good to see brands listening to their clients needs and wants. Your customers are asking for it and you’re giving it to them, that’s the best form of creation possible. This will no doubt turn your customers into brand ambassadors for your business.

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