Google Rebrands Its Logo After 16 Years

Google Rebrands Its Logo After 16 Years

Google Rebrands Its Logo After 16 Years 600 600 Kraus Marketing

Google rebrands its logo for the first time since 1999 to keep the font type simpler & display on smaller devices.

Google has officially changed the typeface of its logo to a sans serif font while retaining the four main colors it has always used – red, blue yellow & green. The revamp of the logo will apply to all of the Google products in a process to make it easier to identify themselves on the smallest screens including smart phones & smart watches like the Apple watch.

Google decided to rebrand themselves earlier this year with a week-long convention held in New York. Google’s designers were all brought to NYC for a week-long sprint in an effort to rebrand the company. The idea behind this was that the logo needed to work well in confined spaces & to be able to keep their consistency across various products. Most of all, Google said that they wanted the idea to be fresh. If it wasn’t fresh, it did not make the cut as they wanted a corporate identity that was new & refreshing.

Google began by breaking down the logo, removing the pieces one at a time until they were down to the core of four colors & white background. From here, the Google designers built the logo back up. After hundreds of hours by the design team, Google set forth in a few directions that really made them happy.

On smaller devices, where the entire Google logo doesn’t fit, you can find now the four dots of color or just the Google “G” which is also separated into the four Google colors as well.


The Typography Behind the Logo:

The choice for the logo was the sans serif font, which removes the small flourishes at the end of the letter. Over the years, sans serif is becoming a standard for many corporate typefaces.

Google stated that “We’ve taken the Google logo & branding, which were originally built for a single desktop browser page, & updated them for a world of seamless computing across the endless number of devices & different kinds of inputs (such as tap, type & talk).”

The company admits that they are looking for new ways to make sure that their products reach the ever-growing mobile users, as mobile searches have surpassed desktop search. Google wants to reach the customers who are now using smart phones, wearable devices & other technological advanced gadgets that have access to the Internet.

Over the years, Google has made two small tweaks to their logo. At one point, Google had an exclamation point at the end of the logo & the other was the “G” in Google was green instead of blue. Other than that, the basic design of the Google logo hasn’t changed since 1999.

Google’s Parent Company: Alphabet

This new logo from Google comes after Google announced last month that they would be falling under the umbrella of a new parents company named Alphabet. Google also talked last month about “Google X,” which is a research lab that is being constructed to help extend human lives.

Here at Kraus Marketing, we are always familiarizing ourselves with the updates from search engine giants such as Google, Bing & Yahoo. In our opinion, the new logo from Google is less corporate & much friendlier. As a tech brand, the idea that their logo is now friendlier is a great idea on Google’s part & we are excited to see what they come out with next.

Are you interested in watching the evolution of Google? If so, watch this great video:

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