Incorporate Email Marketing in your Marketing Strategy Plan

You might be asking yourself why email marketing is important to add to your marketing campaigns after everything else you have been recommended to do thus far. It seems like everyone is doing it, but is it worth your time and money? The truth is that email campaigns might be one of the key ways to diversify and connect all of your marketing efforts. They can hold as little or as much information as you choose, include your latest blogs, videos, and even social media posts that went viral. An email marketing campaign is the perfect addition to your current marketing mix, no matter the size of your business.

Email marketing is key to connecting, converting, and engaging your target audience at a low-cost. It is the one aspect of digital marketing that has continued to prove its worth for more than a decade, as everything else continues to go in and out of style. Did you know that email conversion rates are 40 times better than that of Facebook and Twitter? Not to mention it has the highest ROI and the lowest average cost. Plus, your targeted audience can be specifically targeted and easily altered. You can import current email lists you have in your possession or we can work with you to help build new ones for future use.

How do we measure the success of your email marketing campaign you ask? We will be sure to track the open rate, click rate, amount of successful deliveries, which subscribers have the most opens, and the top links clicked. This not only lets us know how successful the content of your email was, but also what time of day your targeted audience was most likely to open the email or what areas of the county (or world) it was most successful. We are also able to weed out inactive email accounts and those who wish to unsubscribe. Continuing to target those that reject your efforts can end up harming your marketing efforts.

Kraus Marketing has years of experience crafting and managing email marketing for a variety of clients. We are knowledgeable on the best email management systems, including Pardot, Marketo, AWeber, Constant Contact and MailChimp. We will take care of everything from writing a catchy subject line to researching the best time to send it out. We will work closely with the client to draft intriguing copy to go with an attention-grabbing image and layout, making sure you approve before sending.

It has been reported that businesses who fail to recognize the importance of email marketing will fall behind those who take advantage of it. If you would like to get your foot in the door of email marketing, or are struggling with a current platform you are working with, feel free to contact us today on how to better your efforts. We’re only a phone call… or email away!