Why Reviews Are Important to Your Business

Why Reviews Are Important to Your Business

Why Reviews Are Important to Your Business 1280 781 Kraus Marketing

Reviews Will Benefit Your Website in Many Ways

Reviews are crucial to your business’ online marketing. Although there’s always the chance of receiving a negative review, the benefit that comes along with a review helps with more than just persuading potential clients or customers to use your services or products. Curious how they can help your business and website?

On-site Ranking Benefits
Allowing customers to review on your site can help your company’s organic search rankings in search engines. The review written about your services or products increases the unique content on your site which will increase your company’s authority, relevance, and rankings.

Off-site Ranking Benefits
Positive reviews on other sites can help your website even more than on-site reviews. Google’s local search algorithm incorporates data from third-parties and review sites such as Yelp. Reviews on these websites can create paths to your site and influence potential future clients and customers to check out your business.

Buying Products / Using Services
Reviews help people decide whether they want to purchase your products or use your services. For example, if you’re on Amazon and are looking to buy a new coffee machine, you’re going to go with the brand that has the highest positive reviews. If someone leaves a bad review, reply to it in a positive manner, showing others that you have good customer service representation.

Building Links
Reviews and testimonials provide fresh, frequent content. You can look at them as pieces of content that you don’t have to create on your end and still gives you a chance to rank for long-tail keyword terms. For example, the name of your business or products are most likely going to be in the reviews. Not to mention, the search engines have been updated with new content and will guide users to your page.

So how can you get your customers or clients to review your business?

Discount Codes
Explain to your clients or customers in an email blast or social media post that you will be sending our discount codes to those who write a review. Who doesn’t like coupons?

Host a contest! Again, in an email blast or on social media, let everyone know that you’re going to be choosing one person out of all of the reviews to either win a free product, a gift card, or something along those lines.

Set Up Profiles on Multiple Review Sites
Any review site will make it easier for your customers and clients to leave a review. Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Local, Yahoo Local, and LinkedIn are just some of many review sites that you could use to your advantage.

Make Your Clients’ Lives Easy
Put direct links to your review profiles on multiple platforms. For example, place links in follow-up emails, newsletters, your website, and even on your social media platforms. A simple “Find us on Yelp” banner could attract enough attention, especially if it’s clickable and brings users right to your review profile.

Reviews are important to your business online and offline. They’ll attract customers and clients, publicly show users how responsive your business is, and will allow your business to climb up the organic search rankings.

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