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Why Customer Engagement Is a Challenge to E-commerce

Tips for Improving Customer Engagement on E-commerce Sites

Research shows that e-commerce grows exponentially each year. Business-to-consumer sales are expected to increase by 50% over the next five years. In that time frame you can expect competition to steadily increase as well. In order to stay relevant amongst the competition, it is imperative to engage with your customers. If you’re only focused on selling, you’re going to lose customers to sites that are providing a personalized and engaging experience. Keep reading for tips on how to increase customer engagement with your e-commerce business!

Define Your Value Proposition

Customers always want to know what’s in it for them before making a purchase. Your value proposition needs to convince them to purchase from you instead of a competitor. A successful value proposition includes an offer, benefits, and proof. What product or service does your business offer? How do these products or services benefit the customer? Can they solve a problem or improve and enhance the consumer’s life in some way? After answering these questions, back the claims with proof. The relevance of your business to the consumer lies in how well your value proposition connects with them.

Strengthen Your Content Strategy

When used correctly, social media can influence the buying decisions of consumers. You need to have creative and informative content that readers will value and want to share. Avoid direct sales pitches that can turn off consumers and instead provide helpful tips, interesting facts, and relevant news. It is important to find a proper balance of promotional and entertaining posts. Visual content performs well on social and customer reviews can be used to develop a positive image of your company. Utilize relevant keywords and hashtags in all posts to increase your visibility in search, thereby reaching a wider audience.

Encourage Customer Feedback & Reviews

Allowing a channel for customers to provide company feedback and product reviews is an easy way to get them to engage with the company. However, it is important for your to be engaging in return. Customers want to give their money to a company that is best serving their needs, and by being a company that listens to their needs will encourage them to remain a customer. Providing responses to positive and negative reviews will show that your business cares about its customers.

Provide Rewards for Engagement

If you ask customers to provide a review or feedback, offer them a reward in return. Customers love free giveaways and discounts, so providing an incentive for engagement is a surefire way to get customers involved. It is also shows that your company is truly interested in hearing what they have to say if you are willing to give something up in return.

Offer a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a great way to encourage customers to return to your website. Not only will you gain access to contact them via email, you have a chance to offer more discounts and promotions to encourage site visits and purchases. A loyalty program is also an easy way to keep track of information that allows you to personalize the customer experience. From personalizing emails to providing special birthday offers, these elements makes a customer feel valued by a business.

Introduce Live Chat

Another easy way to increase customer engagement is through live chat customer service. While many websites have FAQ pages that aim to satisfy customer inquiries without the need of customer service representatives, it is often not wide sweeping enough to answer every question a customer may have. Customers want to be as confident in a product as possible prior to making a purchase. A live chat on your website is a great way for customers to engage with business representatives and find out more information that can put them at ease and encourage a purchase.

Consistency is key. If you want users to stay engaged, you need to offer them something with which to engage. Being a reliable source of information and showing appreciation will help increase customer engagement. If you need help with your e-commerce business’s online presence, Kraus Marketing can help. Contact us today for more information!