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Ten Tips for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Ten Tips for Your Video Marketing Strategy

The video medium is essential to modern marketing. With the ability to convey important information in a visually-appealing way, videos are a great tool for reaching out and grabbing your audience. Jumping into video content may seem daunting, but with these ten tips you’ll be sure to start off on the right track.

  • Strategize

You can’t start video marketing just because all the cool kids are doing it; you have to have a purpose. Don’t panic— incorporate your video marketing strategy into your existing marketing strategy. Videos should help you reach your goals, not create more obstacles.

  • Account for Your Audience

It’s a bit hard to strategize if you don’t even know whom your videos will be for—and I mean really know them. You have to get inside the heads of your audience—where do they work? When they leave for work, what type of transportation do they use? Do they scroll through Facebook or Twitter first? Get to know all of your audiences’ demo- and psychographics to create the content they want.

  • Take a Peek Next Door

Still afraid to take a leap in video marketing, even after researching your audience and developing your strategy? See what your competitors are doing—and whether it’s working for them. Do their unscripted videos have a higher videoview count than their scripted ones? Consider starting with an off-the-cuff video. Are their videos long and informative, but don’t seem to have many comments? Consider posting a short video first to see if your audience prefers the short and sweet tactic. Utilize your competitor’s video marketing strategy when developing yours.

  • Go Ahead—Show Off!

Now that you have your video, post it wherever you believe it will do best. Don’t just limit video postings to your Facebook page—posting the same video to multiple platforms expands its reach.  You didn’t work this hard to have it hidden on your website.

  • Say Bye to Boring

So maybe your research told you your audience wants scripted, informative videos. That does not, by any means, translate to your audience wanting boring videos. Develop a video stimulating enough that viewers won’t be tempted to stop watching after the first few seconds.  According to Wipster, the first 15 seconds are crucial to viewer retention, so hit the ground running and reconcile your creative side with your informative video.

  • Clarity is Key

Have you ever watched a funny commercial but didn’t know what it was trying to sell? While it is important to be creative with your videos, remember to drive home a key message or two. Videos need to be focused.

  • Don’t Be That Guy

So you’ve figured out your video’s key message should be one that drives sales—fantastic. Just remember not to force it. Sure, you can make a sales video, but save that for later because right now you want to draw customers in, not turn them away with your abrasive advertising.

  • Invite Interaction

A compelling statement at the end of your video that aligns with your audiences’ wants, needs, or beliefs will inspire them to react to and share your video—not to mention be more inclined to utilize your services.

  • Keywords Are, Well, the Key

Yes, even videos utilize keywords. YouTube works like Google in that you’ll want to include keywords in your video content wherever possible (including when you post your YouTube link on various platforms) to make your video easy to find. If you want those YouTube views, you need to work for it!

  • Stay on Track

Sure, creating a video and sharing it with your audience is an accomplishment, but it will be so much more helpful for you to track your video’s success. YouTube metrics, Facebook metrics, and third party tools are all great ways to track how your audience is responding to your videos and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Video marketing is a great way to get your audience’s attention, and if it seems like a lot of work don’t worry—that’s where Kraus Marketing comes into play. We’re a digital marketing agency skilled in everything from strategizing to tracking, and can help your business make the most of its video marketing, so contact us today.