Super Bowl Marketing Strategies We Saw in Tampa 2021

Super Bowl Marketing Strategies We Saw in Tampa 2021

Super Bowl Marketing Strategies We Saw in Tampa 2021 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

5 2021 Super Bowl Marketing Ads We Loved

A Super Bowl during a pandemic was bound to be an interesting event, and the commercials this year were certainly on theme. With big names dropping out due to the virus, newcomers were able to grab a spot. In fact, it took CBS two months longer to sell out ad space compared to previous years.

What were the big Super Bowl marketing ads from the brands that could get some screen time? Here are our top five commercials we loved and the marketing strategies they used.

1. Wayne’s World Reunites for… Uber Eats?

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey make a comeback in Wayne’s mom’s basement along with another familiar face, Cardi B. The spot promotes eating locally and is clearly trying to grab the younger audience’s attention with a relevant celebrity cameo and even a Tik Tok trend.

2. Dolly Parton Builds Websites From 5 to 9

While we never actually see Dolly’s face, her voice is iconic enough to get her catchy and classic 9 to 5 song stuck in our heads. This encouraging ad reminds workers to pursue their passions after work (from 5 to 9) by building a Squarespace site. And how can we not love this ad when we can shamelessly plug our own website design service!

3. Reddit vs. Robinhood

After the Reddit GameStop debacle, we had to include the Robinhood Super Bowl ad. Not surprisingly, this commercial felt unimpressive and did no favors to help improve their brand image. The message that “we are all investors” indeed struck a nerve for most.

On the contrary, Reddit produced this amazing five-second advertisement that furthers the platform’s mission. Taking the opposite approach of Robinhood, Reddit spoke directly on the recent events: “Powerful things happen when people rally around something they really care about. And there’s a place for that. It’s called Reddit.”

4. When Life Gives You Lemon Bud Lights

In its second Super Bowl commercial, Bud Light shares its new lemonade seltzers. The spot cleverly takes the trite expression “when life gives you lemons” and reflects on the “lemon” of a year that 2020 was. Well, at least we got Bud Light lemonade seltzers from it.

5. Gets Dramatic

We had to applaud this Super Bowl commercial newcomer for sharing quite the dramatic spot. It’s short, entertaining, and gets to the point—their service is much more convenient than a traditional car dealership.

Tampa Marketing Strategies

From the many celebrity cameos to the over-the-top productions, we saw some great marketing strategies for Super Bowl ads. While your brand may not be ready for the biggest television event of the year, that doesn’t mean you can’t start creating memorable digital ads and videos that get the town talking. Reach out to Kraus Marketing to discuss how your Tampa business can create an integrated digital marketing campaign that has people interested in your brand all year long.

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