Memes in Digital Culture: Marketing Tactics

Memes in Digital Culture: Marketing Tactics

Memes in Digital Culture: Marketing Tactics1280960 Kraus Marketing

How Memes in Digital Culture Are Shaping Marketing Today

Memes in digital culture are everywhere. It’s nearly impossible to have never seen a meme, as they are a staple of the internet and a large part of Gen-Z’s culture. Sarcastic, satirical, self-deprecating, and sometimes obscure, there are millions of memes out there. This has led to many marketers eager to learn how to use memes to better advertise their business.

Properly Using Memes for Your Business

Properly utilizing memes in your advertising campaigns can be an excellent tool for digital marketers, especially when targeting Millennials and Gen-Z. Memes must be well-understood because, unlike many other forms of social media tactics businesses utilize; memes are a form of comedy, not a pure advertisement.

What Makes a Meme?

Memes are simple to make. A funny picture or GIF and a caption are all you need to make a meme. However, it is harder to make good memes that garner attention. While memes can take many forms, they have a few constant components. Good memes have to be humorous, relevant, and either observational or absurd. Remember that memes should not look like traditional ads.

Here is a great example by Jimmy John’s:

Jimmy John's meme

When to Not Use Memes in Marketing

Memes are excellent for relationships and conversation with customers. They work well on social media platforms, especially Twitter, but they are an informal type of interaction. It’s best not to use memes in B2B relationships or in more serious endeavors – memes are certainly not for everyone. Properly using memes in digital culture can be an effective form of marketing when you have the right audience. Keep your memes organic, light-hearted, and aimed at the proper demographic.

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