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How to Use Social Media for Positive ROI

Tips and Tricks to Refresh Your Strategy for Positive ROI

No two social media strategies are exactly alike. Additionally, no two social media campaigns are exactly alike. While it may be tempting to go the easy route and look for a one-size-fits-all guide to apply to every campaign you launch, you may be in jeopardy of having a negative impact. Without taking the proper steps to identify a few key factors driving your strategy, you could be wasting money on campaigns that are not generating a positive ROI. We’ve outlined a few simple steps to guide you when evaluating and structuring your next social media endeavor.

Define Your Purpose

The first step for refreshing your social media strategy is to identify why you are using it in the first place. Are you trying to gain brand awareness? Offer better customer service? Build a community around your brand? Whatever the reason, it needs to be defined before moving forward. Once you know the purpose, you will be able to set more relevant goals that will ultimately make the best use of resources to generate a positive ROI.

Set Specific Goals

Goals will be specific to each organization’s purpose and campaign, but the basis of the goals should be the same. You want to set goals that require measurable action to be tracked. You can have goals specific to retaining customers you already have or acquiring new ones. Ultimately, you want to convert a casual browser into a lead, and a lead into a paying customer. Goals should be specific and have a time frame. A few examples of social media goals can include engagement such as follows, likes, comments, purchases, or downloads.

Analytics Are Key

As stated previously, goals need to be measurable in order to know if they are generating a positive ROI. Google Analytics will be a useful tool, as it allows you to set up specific metrics you want to track in relation to your goals. Aside from Google, it is beneficial to utilize the data provided from each social platform’s insights and analytics pages. These tools are essentially channels to listen to what your audience actually wants to see. It is important to not get so caught up in a campaign that you are wasting resources on efforts that do not work, but it is also important to not abandon ship too quickly and ultimately oversaturate your own market with conflicting messages. Based on this data, don’t be afraid to experiment with different audience segments and ad formats.

Align Social with All Marketing Efforts

It is up to your company to decide how big of a role social media will play in your overall marketing strategy. Whether it will be a prominent focus or not, it needs to be given the same amount of attention and effort as any other marketing aspect. The content you are posting to social media should have a consistent brand message and style as your traditional marketing. If you want customers to follow a link from social media to your website, they need to recognize where they are. If your social media presence looks nothing like your website, they may think they are in the wrong place.


These are a just a few simple steps you can take in understanding your own social media strategy. Defining a purpose for using social media in the first place will help you set goals that can be tracked for success. If you are finding your campaigns to be underperforming, we can help! Kraus Marketing is a top social media marketing agency ready to refresh your social strategy and gain positive ROI. Contact us today to discuss your digital presence!