Do HubSpot Limitations Exist?

Do HubSpot Limitations Exist?

Do HubSpot Limitations Exist?1280854 Kraus Marketing

Shedding Some Light on HubSpot Limitations

We’ve heard the name and we’ve seen the logo, but what is it? HubSpot is an all-in-one tool that helps businesses with their inbound marketing strategies. HubSpot Marketing Hub offers businesses a wide assortment of features, which include Social Media, Analytics, Email, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ads, and so much more.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Unfortunately, as with many tools available to us on the World Wide Web, there are limitations. The infamous promise of hassle-free usage and performance sound delightful, but even this all-in-one powerhouse falls short in an area or two. Let’s explore some HubSpot limitations.

If you have simple needs

What are you marketing goals? Depending on your business, you may only require one or two marketing features. If you want to solely improve the SEO on your website or send out monthly email blasts, you’d be doing yourself a disservice as there are upwards of 35 inbound marketing features to choose from within HubSpot. The platform works on a more cohesive basis, where all of the features are at their best when they work together, driving the most conversions possible. And with a steep price point for the use of these features, you should be using all or nothing. If your needs are simple, it wouldn’t hurt to find a more specialized tool or a digital marketing agency who can customize your plan.

Analytics shortcomings

Yes, limitations are a reality for every analytics system. For the bargain price of zero dollars, what if we told you that Google Analytics actually does a better job than HubSpot? It’s been said that some users have had to combine the powers of both HubSpot & Google Analytics to get the clearest picture of their performance. For example, if you wanted to know conversion rates by device type on a specific landing page – Google Analytics is still your go-to platform.

It’s not a magic potion

The expectation is that HubSpot can do it all. What it can’t do is magically create the perfect strategy from scratch. For your marketing strategy to take off, you need to bring something to the table first. You still need someone to create your content using relevant keywords and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) for context. Substantial research is required to maintain cohesive content across all platforms, ensuring that it’s engagement worthy. Put simply, you need to meet HubSpot halfway to hit your marketing initiatives.

Content relay

If you’re like the majority of digital marketing clients, you’ve used WordPress for your website content management system. Now, no one is telling you to move all of your content into the HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS), but if you want to utilize all of the marketing features to their highest potential, it’s required. The limitation here is once you move your content into HubSpot, you have to manually copy and paste your content. While a three-page website may not be a big deal, once you factor in blogs, the potential for growth, and an increase in services, you’re looking at the manual removal and reformatting of hundreds of pages/posts should you ever leave HubSpot.

As a business owner, your time is valuable and Hubspot may not be your ideal marketing platform. Once marketing initiatives are put into the hands of an experienced digital agency, your time will be better spent elsewhere.

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