Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase ROI in Florida

Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase ROI in Florida

Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase ROI in Florida 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

3 Digital Marketing Strategies that Will Bring a Positive ROI

What is digital marketing strategy? It’s how so many of us successfully do business in 2021! Today, the internet is the new public square. A business can now exist solely online without so much as a storefront. People socialize on the internet, shop on the internet, and get news and research through the internet. By utilizing a trusted marketing agency, your Florida based business can become exponentially more successful after implementing digital marketing strategies that give a positive return on your investment. Here are some key services to look for when you are serious about investing in your digital marketing.

1. Tracking & Monitoring Analytics

It can’t be emphasized enough; a good marketing agency will give you metrics on how successful your digital marketing campaigns are running. The success is easy to record with most of the metrics built right into the websites and social media platforms, or by linking Google Analytics to your website. Analytics illustrate conversion rates, the number of people reached by posts and emails, how many people interacted with a post, how many people bought items from your website, etc. Kraus always provides comprehensive metrics to our clients on a monthly basis. A digital marketing strategy without analytics as a benchmark will fail to improve over time.

2. Specific Social Marketing

No digital marketing campaign is complete without social media. Everyone is on it, and it can grow organically as well as with a paid ad campaign. With proper research, it is a great investment. The biggest pitfall in social media marketing, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring professionals, is to have a random social media presence. Every social media platform is different and needs to be utilized appropriately. Some websites like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are content-driven. People put a lot of time into the things they say, and people tend to read the posts more. Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are very visual platforms, and Twitter is often driven by the number of posts rather than quality.

Not every social media platform is the right fit for your business. Depending on who your target audience is, one platform will be better than the other. In short, a business should focus their social media strategy on platforms that are conducive to their brand, rather than going to the most popular platforms or over-diversifying on too many platforms. Placing a focus on the most beneficial platforms is how you will see a positive ROI.

3. Email Marketing Campaigns

When people think of digital marketing, they usually think of social media; and rightfully so because social media is a huge part of digital strategy. Email marketing, however, should not be overlooked. Email marketing campaigns encourage consumers to sign up for your email list in exchange for value, such as a coupon offering a sale or a blog with company updates. This gives you a close form of contact with your customers as you provide an incentive for them to maintain their email subscription, making them more brand-loyal.

At Kraus Marketing, we focus on creating the best digital marketing campaigns that are the right fit for our clients. We focus on measurable success and infusing our strategies with our creative talent. Learn more about us on our website and contact us today to get started on your campaign.

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