Product Marketing Agency

Do you have a product you want to market? We have experience designing and executing successful campaigns for a variety of clients, including consumer, edible, electronics, medical, goods, pet, and beauty product-based companies.

Consumer brands come to Kraus Marketing to execute a multi-channel digital and traditional marketing strategy. Typically, consumer brands are looking to Kraus Marketing to increase brand awareness, better position them for retail buyers, and drive sales of their products already on shelf.

If your goals are to use marketing collateral to better position your brand and product to buyers, we can help. We will provide you with sell sheets and statistics. We have found that the visual communication of content is key to getting the ideal selling points in front of the right buyer for decision making.

All consumer brands want to receive sales and make a profit on their product. However, it’s not only about getting sales, it is about driving the sales. You want to have to refill the product and make sure that it has a long, healthy life with your retail partners. We help ensure that longevity by targeting specific geographic areas. We will target marketing campaigns for new store sales and slow-turn locations.

For many people, a website is your first impression. The easier a site is to navigate, the better the chances you will gain that client’s business. Make sure your online store (e-commerce website) leaves a great impression.

Typically, consumer brands come to us for:

  • Brand identity. For product-based companies, branding is more than a logo. It is the package design, website layout, creative imagery, messaging, colors, and fonts. It serves as the unifying, unique factor over competitors’ products.
  • Website design & development. 70% of Americans shop online. Is your website up to par? Does it load fast? Is it mobile-responsive? Does it contain updated, relevant information that consumers are searching for?
  • SEO. As a product-based company, you want your website to be found and indexed by Google. Search engine optimization is the key to getting your website found on a Google search query. It requires keyword strategy, content planning, and specific coding optimized for Google’s algorithm.
  • PPC. Do you have a last-minute product sale? Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns will ensure that your message will be seen by thousands of eyes, fast.
  • Social media. 76% of Americans have at least one social media profile. A great social media campaign can put your products in front of hundreds of thousands potential consumers and buyers.
  • Traditional marketing strategy. If you would prefer a more traditional approach in conjunction with your digital campaigns, we can provide that. We are able to create radio, TV, billboards, direct mail, newspaper, and magazine advertisements for product-based companies.

Our team has created numerous digital marketing campaigns for consumer brands. Learn how we have implemented marketing strategies for product-based companies.