Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

What are the key principles towards creating an effective, strategic healthcare marketing campaign? Our team at Kraus Marketing has experience designing successful campaigns for a variety of clients. Many of which, are medical practices.

Medical practices will call Kraus Marketing due to outdated websites and low awareness of their brands. One goal for a new website might be to highlight the relatable and trustworthy feel provided by all their doctors and staff. Another goal might be to build brand awareness of a new regional medical center. Lastly, common marketing efforts are centered around building awareness of their practice areas and targeting demographics, in order to grow their client bases.

Typically, for medical practices we provide:

  • Brand identity. Branding is more than a logo, it includes creative imagery and messaging.
  • Website design & development. 72% of Internet users look online for health information. It is very important to ensure that your website loads fast, is mobile-responsive, and contains the information that patients are searching for.
  • SEO. Have you ever wondered how a competing medical practice got to be the top result in a Google search query? Search engine optimization is the answer. Websites that utilize keywords, content, and coding help Google’s algorithm discover their site.
  • PPC. Search engine optimization can take a while. If you are looking to put out a time-sensitive message or get immediate results, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns enable you to reach people more quickly.
  • Social media. 41% of patients stated that social media has impacted their choice of a doctor, hospital, or medical center. A great social media campaign can put your medical practice in front of thousands of your potential patients.
  • Traditional marketing campaigns. Medical practices can benefit from our traditional marketing campaigns. For a typical medical practice, we can provide TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, brochures, radio and magazine advertisements.

Learn how we have implemented medical marketing strategies.