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With online powerhouse marketplaces like Amazon continuing to expand its reach and influence, the e-commerce industry is only growing stronger. I mean, what’s not to love? Consumers get the experience of visiting thousands of stores all with the click of a button. Not to mention, businesses also get the opportunity to deliver more personalized interactions with their customers, increasing brand loyalty, and strengthening their reputation. It’s a win-win situation.

There’s a lot to gain from a successful e-commerce business, but it’s hard work. Here at Kraus Marketing, we understand the importance of putting just as much weight on the smaller details as we do the larger ones. Through easy-to-use shopping features and organized product categories, catchy call-outs, and quick load times, we’ll make your e-commerce site a consumer’s dream. Our goal is to assist your business in driving sales, boosting brand awareness, and increasing ROI.

E-Commerce Marketing Services We Offer

Brand Identity

How do you define your e-commerce company’s personality? With brand identity, we help you explore your image through a logo, brand guidelines, packaging, and more. From there, we can craft the perfect messaging and voice to help you reach your target audience.

E-Commerce Marketing Services We Offer

Website Design & Development

Did you know that you could lose 25% of online customers if your website loads 1.5 seconds slower than the average webpage loading time of 2.5 seconds? We promise a visually appealing and fast-loading website, seamlessly integrated with your inventory management system and e-commerce platform. And with our continuous updates, your site stays ahead of the curve, showcasing every new offer, deal, or seasonal change.

E-Commerce Marketing Services We Offer

Campaign Creation

If your big idea is great, why not translate it into all aspects of your e-commerce business? Let Kraus help you develop a marketing campaign that builds an emotional connection with your potential buyers.

E-Commerce Marketing Services We Offer


The secret to landing on top of a Google search query is search engine optimization (SEO). Without all the fancy terminology, it’s basically a way to optimize content and your product offerings using keywords and code. By matching Google’s algorithm, we help you show up at the top of the organic search results.

E-Commerce Marketing Services We Offer


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are a quick and easy way to help you reach your target audience in search results. And, you don’t have to wait long to start seeing traction, saving you time and money while still increasing sale conversions.

E-Commerce Marketing Services We Offer


Elevate your e-commerce brand’s reach and impact in the digital realm with our expertly crafted CTV/OTT advertising strategies, designed to captivate audiences and drive engagement like never before.

E-Commerce Marketing Services We Offer

Social Media

Social media allows you to reach your target audience on a more personal, less intimidating level. It also has a lower cost per impression and higher ROI than print advertising. As people casually scroll through their social media platforms, you can strategically showcase your consumer goods.

E-Commerce Marketing Services We Offer

Email Marketing

Forget chasing down window shoppers. Email marketing turns consumers into loyal fans with personalized campaigns that showcase the latest sales, new arrivals, and product promotions. You can even win them back with strategic abandoned cart reminders.

E-Commerce Marketing Services We Offer

Videography + Photography

Make your products pop off the screen! Our videography and photography services will bring your e-commerce products to life, boosting engagement across all platforms.

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