Why Graphic Designers Are a Marketing Necessity

Why Graphic Designers Are a Marketing Necessity

Why Graphic Designers Are a Marketing Necessity 1280 718 Kraus Marketing

7 Ways a Graphic Designer Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Graphic design is the visual foundation of a brand’s existence. It incorporates all of the creative, visual elements that are presented to consumers, including photos, web design, ad creatives, and more. Hiring a graphic designer for your marketing team is a necessity because they will enhance your marketing strategy with the unmatched power of visuals.

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. The world thinks visually, and graphic designers connect your brand with those brains through striking design. So, in what ways can a graphic designer use their skill to enhance your marketing strategy and boost your brand to the top of consumer’s minds?

Brand Identity Representation

To make any sale, a consumer must know who your brand is and why they should begin a relationship with it. Graphic designers let them know by developing the visual identity of your brand. Branding includes logos, color palettes, and other design guidelines that focus the identity of your brand into something cohesive, appealing, and identifiable according to your services.

Consumer Persuasion

Visual elements help to quickly establish a connection between a brand and consumers, so graphic designers can help you persuade consumers to engage with you and make purchases. If a brand’s visual elements provide a clearer view of the kind of company your brand is, consumers will be more likely to investigate further and try out your products too.

Trust Building and Positive Recognition Control

Attached to persuasion is the building of trust and recognition in your industry. Consumers will be persuaded if the design elements of your brand give them a reason to trust you and recognize you as a leader in your industry. For example, if you are a brand that sells luxury jewelry, your design should give the proper feel of luxury, quality, and professionalism that consumers expect. If your fonts are odd and your colors are off, that could very quickly dissuade consumers from considering your brand for their purchasing needs.

Message Conveyance

You may have copywriters who can pen snappy copy for all of your content, but that doesn’t mean that consumers will be apt to read it every time. A graphic designer helps you package that information into a visual treat for consumers to unwrap.

Web Design Improvement

One of your greatest resources for building and maintaining your relationship with consumers is your website, and great web design starts with graphic designers. They can ensure that the feel of the website matches your brand identity, including the right colors and the right images to make your website experience a pleasant one.

Social Media Engagement

Facebook posts with photos see a 37% increase in engagement and tweets with photos on Twitter garner a 35% boost in retweets. Better engagement on social media is another way that graphic designers help your marketing, because visuals dominate social media. Not only this, but a graphic designer will help your account pages represent your brand in a way consistent with the rest of your brand’s resources. Your next social media campaign will be stronger with a graphic designer leading the charge.

Better Product Packaging

Is your product packaging design looking tired? Need an idea for an entirely new product package? Graphic designers handle this too, and your product packaging should not be underestimated as a means of showcasing your brand on store shelves, on social media, and in the hands of consumers.

These are seven ways in which a graphic designer uses their visual design skills to solidify your brand identity, improve your marketing efforts, and boost your sales. If you’re considering graphic design help, discuss with them the areas in which you want to see improvement and consider the ways in which visual design can help you connect with consumers faster and more effectively.

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