Key Brand Strategy for the Perfect Brand Identity

Is your brand doing you justice? Do you have a brand strategy?

Think of your brand like a nice fruit salad you brought to a picnic – it could either be the belle of the ball or that weird looking dish that no one wants to touch. That doesn’t mean the salad doesn’t taste good – it just means that it wasn’t presented in the best light. So, what’s in this fruit salad, so to speak, anyway?

Your brand consists of things like your logo, colors, fonts, voice, taglines, and more. These aspects work together to deliver a powerhouse presence that provides a memorable and emotional connection with your target audience. A compelling brand differentiates your organization from competitors in the same industry. Now ask yourself, is your brand reflective of your organization? If not, how do I get there?

Know Your Audience

Having a reliable brand doesn’t just mean that it’s pretty on the outside. The inner workings need to be in tip-top shape as well. Know your audience – who they are, what’s important to them – and understand why they love your products or need your services. Once we can understand the “who” and the “why,” we can get started.

Self-Identify Your Business

Do a bit of soul-searching here and spend time in self-reflection. Set your business goals and expectations for the coming years. What are your goals for the next year? How do you want to be perceived? What is your biggest consumer value?

Think of who you are in the eyes of your consumers and who you want to be. Nowadays, you don’t have to make a mistake to learn a valuable lesson. Take the liberty of looking at your competitors and how they brand themselves. How can you set yourself apart from them? This will help separate you from the competition with personal influence and focused creative.

Consider Outside Opinions

Sometimes, internal input from your business can only go so far. Sometimes, your position is just too subjective, or you find conflicting opinions from management on where to take the brand. Having objective opinions is often necessary for forming a full brand concept – and that’s where we come in. Not only do we discuss your company direction internally, but we also conduct what we like to call in-depth interviews with your employees, vendors, and clients. We use these to determine what others think about your business to help influence proposed design concepts and branding strategies. We’re here to help you explore your brand and ensure it’s set up for maximum success.

Complete Competitive Research

In addition, we provide competitive research to make sure that your brand is distinctive and a step above competitors. This is a key step in making sure the end product is something consumers will value and show interest in. The brand strategy that we put into place will set long term goals for your business, something we will continually work to achieve.

Beware of Misbranding

Developing your brand is only the first part of your marketing mission. When working with an agency, or even your internal team, on digital or traditional marketing aspects after brand development, make sure things stay consistent. It is important to make sure they understand all aspects of your branding. This way, you avoid mixed messaging and confusion. Misbranding can be the downfall of your business, as it can lead to a loss of consumer interest, trust, and understanding of what you do or sell. Even internally, your team can lose focus on the company’s mission.

Is your business in need of a brand identity or rebranding? Let Kraus Marketing breathe new life into your brand. We’ll work closely with you each step of the way to make sure the final outcome properly serves the business you have created.