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Tips for Efficiently Working with Your Web Designers

Tips for Efficiently Working with Your Web Designers

Designing a website for your company is no easy task. It may be an easy decision to have one made, but that’s where the simplicity ends. Chances are, you have decided to partner with a digital marketing agency or a web designer you know, and are not building the site yourself. That means you are going to have to convey your ideas as clearly as possible, while keeping in mind that this is what they do this for a living. They know a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

In order to produce the site you have been dreaming of, we wanted to offer a few helpful tips we have found that work when developing client websites. Read through them to get a better understanding of how your relationship with your agency can truly determine the final product of your website and how important is to keep a strong relationship with them from concept to launch.

Come Prepared

The inspiration for your new website isn’t going to convey itself. You should come to a website start meeting with a thought out list of features you want to be included, along with a couple existing sites that you would like your site to resemble. It is a bonus if you have a preference on elements such as fonts, color schemes, and imagery. The more you can offer, the more the web designer has to work with, which might increase production time. If you have no preference, make sure you offer detailed feedback on any ideas the designer puts on the table.

A popular method that allows clients to put their ideas to paper is to have them fill out a questionnaire with the information the web designer or agency as a whole is looking for. It may also include items such as your target audience, to help get a better feel for who will be looking at the site.

Provide Feedback

When you schedule a concept meeting to discuss the first rounds of your website, you will be given a mockup idea of what the general site will look like and what imagery will be used. It is important to let the team you are working with know exactly why you like or dislike certain elements of each design, and if you can, let them know how you would change them. Website production will come to a halt without client feedback and a mutual understanding of what needs to be seen in round two.

Don’t be shy or fear you will hurt the designer’s feelings. It is their goal to deliver a successful and admired website. They want to hear from you (within reason!)

Accept Their Feedback

Just as it is important for the client to provide the agency with feedback, it is also important that the client learns to accept it. The designer will not force you to follow their direction, but they are advising it for a reason. They also know the most up to date trends, whether it be moving images, video, bold fonts, or bright colors. Feel free to ask them about current trends that they could work into your website, as well as what has worked for others in your industry.

Keep It Simple

A website is complex and made up of many parts. It may seem like a lot to consider when reviewing concepts from the designer, but that does not necessarily mean you should ask for everyone in your company’s input. Too many opinions make it difficult to be decisive and can lead you to second guess your decision, even after the site has been launched. Keep the discussion between those involved from the start and those who know the specific goals of the website.

Act Timely

Websites take a while to create, even when everything moves along smoothly. Do your best to keep scheduled meetings and to answer emails within a reasonable time frame. Keeping everything for the last minute not only makes for poor progression, but can overwhelm the designer.

It may also be expected of you to provide key information to your designer, such as copy for the pages. If you do not plan on taking the copy from your old site, or simply don’t have an existing site to take it from, you may want to discuss what it will cost for the agency to do the copywriting. If you plan to use new copy, but have agreed to write it yourself, make sure to send it over in a timely matter.

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