Use Facebook Audience Insights the Right Way

Use Facebook Audience Insights the Right Way

Use Facebook Audience Insights the Right Way 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

Facebook Audience Insights: Tools to Optimize Content

Facebook has over 2.7 billion active members, making this an excellent platform for your business to market on. Through the use of Facebook Audience Insights, you can directly connect your brand to your customers.

What is Facebook Audience Insights?

Facebook Audience Insights is an extremely valuable analytic tool that your brand can utilize. These analytics provides you with important information surrounding the groups of people that interact with your business page. It can also allow your brand to target your online ads more effectively.

Through Facebook Audience Insights, your brand can learn about your audiences’ profile information, such as age, gender, occupation, and location. Through the use of this information, brands can create meaningful content that appeals to their target audience members.

How Can My Brand Use Facebook Audience Insights to Our Advantage?

In order to gain access to all the analytical information surrounding your brand, you must first switch your Facebook Profile to a business page. Once you switch to a business setting, you can begin to select the audience insights that you want to target. Facebook Audience Insights allows you to create a custom audience and build on your target audience demographics. As a result of gaining this information, your brand can begin to set parameters and segment your audience even further in order to target your advertisements effectively.

Gaining access to this highly valuable information can be of major benefit. Highlighting your brand on social media is only the first step of creating brand awareness. But through the use of Facebook Audience Insights, you can create long lasting brand loyalty between you and your audience. The next step is to create educational and meaningful content that your audience will identify with. This can be done through engaging social media posts and blog writing which will ultimately lead to an increase in website traffic.

Determining your target audience is extremely important because it creates a bond between your brand and your most common type of consumer. By creating brand loyalty with your target consumers, you can retain customers, allow for your audience to feel engaged in your brand, as well as create value for them. Through the use of Facebook Audience Insights, you can market to the unmet needs of your audience and continue to boost sales.

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