Reno’s Appliance

Local Appliance Retailer Case Study

Digital Marketing Campaign

Reno’s Appliance is a trusted one-stop-shop for all appliance needs and, for over 60 years, serves the Northern New Jersey communities.

By offering custom appliance installation, expert delivery, dedicated customer service, and an online catalog of top brand appliances, customers are guaranteed to be satisfied. Being a family-owned appliance retailer has allowed the Reno’s team to connect with and care for every customer that walks through their doors.

Campaign Goals:
The goal was to build a digital presence and drive website traffic through monthly social media and SEO efforts. Social posts would focus on product information, and every blog would provide reliable, valuable information to Reno’s audience. With a campaign strategy in place, Reno’s Appliance could reach a larger audience and boost brand awareness.

Project Info:

NJ AdClub
1st Place: Digital Media: Blog

Reno’s Appliance understood the long-term strategy of SEO and are now reaping the rewards. One of their blog posts even ranked as the top landing page on their site with 65,259 views in the last 12 months. In the past year (Jun 1, 2019- Jun 1, 2020 vs. previous year), we saw:

Overall Website

  • Organic traffic increased by 283%
    (this includes a period of time during the COVID-19 global pandemic!)
  • 651,723 total site visits (a 90% increase)
  • 574,978 total unique site visits (a 100% increase)

Social Website

  • Social media traffic increased by 310%
  • Landing page views increased by 343%
  • Cost per landing page view decreased by 69%
  • Overall impressions (the amount of times ads were shown on a screen) increased by 114%


The above figures reveal tremendous success, and we are incredibly proud of the results we were able to provide for the Reno’s Appliance family. Our social media and SEO efforts alongside the Reno’s team in-store customer service provided a complimentary digital and retail experience. As our campaign efforts are ongoing, we continue to create meaningful content for Reno’s Appliance that their customers can engage with and share.

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