What’s New For Your NJ & NYC Brand This Year?

What’s New For Your NJ & NYC Brand This Year?

What’s New For Your NJ & NYC Brand This Year? 2560 1418 Kraus Marketing

Four Ways To Spring Clean Your NJ & NYC Brand for 2016

It has been a strange and unusually warm winter for the Northeast, until late January’s monster snowstorm. But now that we’re in March, it’s already feeling like a warm spring. Spring has the effect of making us turn our homes upside down to get rid of last year’s junk. It’s also great to apply to your brand. Brands are organic, and grow as a result of new trends in business. Without regular upkeep, a brand can turn stale and lose the interest of its audience. Spring-cleaning your brand is an excellent way to freshen its concept without starting from scratch. Here are some recommended ways to update your brand:

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Re-evaluate your audience:

It’s always recommended that a company focus on a primary audience, especially if it’s new. But if your brand is one that has been around for more than a year, it’s a good idea to see how your brand fares with its target audience. Looking at your audience once a year gives you the opportunity to trim anything unnecessary, or vice-versa—if you have the chance to expand your primary audience beyond the scope of what you are already doing, why not take it? Ask yourself whether it’s time to adjust your branding to either serve, or stop working with a particular audience.

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Update your offering:

Are you on top of today’s business trends? Business climates and customer needs shift, sometimes in a snap, and evaluating your brand with its industry is vital to keeping it relevant. Spring is a good time to look closer at any significant changes in the markets you serve, and to look at what your competitors are doing. There may be new, highly profitable services you aren’t providing yet that will add to your brand value. Updating your offerings does not necessarily mean you have to add more to your brand. It may be more vital to cut down on the products your offer, especially if you have services that are costing you more than they can generate in the long term.

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Spruce up your social media pages:

Are your profiles as complete as you can make them, do they reflect whom you are, and are they all linked to one another? The most criminally common mistake can be not having a social media profile filled with enough content. However, this is an easy fix. Refresh your social media with images, links and a consistent visual brand. Add content to your pages that adds substance to your company—publications, projects, case studies and relevant achievements can help boost the power of your brand. Don’t forget to link your website, and all of your social media pages to one another to keep your audience well connected to your brand.

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Take stock of what’s being said

Google yourself. The content that appears on that first page is an important indication of how strong your brand is to the Internet. For a more in depth perception of your brand, set up a Google Alert so that anytime you are mentioned in the cyber web, you will be notified. You can take control of your Internet brand by building it through SEO.

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