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Responsive Design

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Responsive Design For Mobile Marketing Emails

Responsive design is centered on enhanced usability for the consumer – the primary advantages of this in the email marketing world are considerably significant and numerous. Before getting into responsive web design and the impact it could have on your marketing campaign, it is definitely worth explaining precisely what this means in simple terms, in addition to what kind of factors have impacted the development and importance of this concept.

Recent data from Yesmail, an email marketing provider shows that brands that use responsive design for their mobile email marketing campaigns receive 24 percent more clicks than brands that don’t use responsive design. Interestingly, only about 17% of marketers use responsive design.

The Impact of Responsive Design on Mobile & Desktop Emails

In its Q4 2015 report, Yesmail took an in-depth look at how responsive design impacted mobile and desktop email open and click rates. The data also analyzed numbers on mobile commerce and mobile revenue. Findings from Yesmail showed that mobile emails clicks made up about 58% of all email clicks for brands that used responsive design for their email marketing campaigns.

According to Yesmail, irrespective of whether or not brands use responsive design for their email marketing efforts, over 50 percent of email opens take place on mobile devices. Also, besides observing a 24 percent boost in email clicks, the report reveals that brands that you utilize responsive design obtain considerably higher mobile click-to-open rates.


There is certainly a level of awareness among consumers that email formatting is usually a challenge, therefore by making certain your messages render correctly you can show your brand to be modern and technologically competent.


Navigating on a smaller screen is not always easy, so a responsive design at least makes it possible for calls-to-action and scrolling to be organized with the mobile user in mind.

Remove content

Desktop computers have large screens that logically allow more room for information to be included, but on a smaller screen, this is not the case. This is why it’s best to use responsive design because it can remove unnecessary content for those accessing on smaller screens.


Data shows that brands that utilize responsive design will see a significant boost in email opens and click-through-rates (CTR). Also, responsive design will greatly improve the experience for your users that access emails on their mobile devices.

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