Using Emotions in B2B Marketing to Enhance Customer Engagement

Using Emotions in B2B Marketing to Enhance Customer Engagement

Using Emotions in B2B Marketing to Enhance Customer Engagement 2560 1707 Kraus Marketing

It May be Time to Switch Up Your B2B Marketing Strategy for Better Customer Engagement

We get it- B2B marketing may not seem like the place to get all emotional with your audience. But, the truth is, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Just because the message you are trying to convey or the conversions you are trying to reach aren’t as touching as buying an engagement ring or planning a relaxing vacation, doesn’t mean emotion is eliminated from the equation. Emotionally targeted marketing can actually enhance customer engagement in B2B scenarios, just like in B2C marketing.

Remember that you are selling to a business full of employees who have emotions, who understand the experience of getting married and the urge to get away. Making the connection to one or more of those employees can give you a boost from the competition. Emotion plays a huge part in decision making.

So, how exactly do you go about doing so?


Tell Your Story

You not only need to tell a story, but you need to tell it quickly and effectively. Grab your potential client’s attention with powerful messaging and imagery that pulls them in and represents how your brand is the solution to their problems. What need are they trying to solve within their company? Why is your business the answer?

It is important to fully understand your brand’s voice and objective before you begin storytelling, making sure to hit the right target audience and to get across the right business objectives. Do not make the error of misleading your clients.

Bonus Tip: If one of your features, such as price, is not something you want to focus on, make sure to put your emotionally charged messaging first. If details like pricing are the first thing a potential client sees, they may immediately leave or bypass any storytelling.


Utilize Social Proof

Social media and a powerful online presence is a marketing necessity today, even for your B2B. Plus, it allows for what is known as “social proof.”

What is social proof you ask?

Social proof is a psychological and social sensation where people assume that the actions and opinions of others are reason enough to follow suit. If everyone is raving about a new restaurant online or posting pictures of them using the latest Apple product, other online users are likely to believe them. There is no fact here, only emotional connection to others interested in the same products or services.

This is why things like reviews, testimonials, and social media accounts are so important. These greatly impact both an individual and company’s decision to purchase a product or work with a new business. Make sure to incorporate some of this social proof on your website as well to push that outside support.


Understand the Similarities of B2B and B2C Marketing

Remember that despite their different objectives, in the end, both types of marketing are here to increase conversions for your business, and both play a part in the human connection. Whether you are targeting new moms, CEO’s, marketing managers, or teenagers, you should be using emotionally driven tactics.


Remember not to let emotional marketing scare you off. Even when people are working, they are still human and are often blurring the line between personal and work-related matters. If your B2B business is in need of some help in the marketing department and trying to find a way to make that personal connection, contact Kraus Marketing today. Let our team of creatives and branding experts bring out your emotional side!

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