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Creating A Brand Logo That Stands The Test Of Time

6 Ways To Build A Brand Logo And Presence That Lasts

Your brand is more than a logo, more than your products, and more than your color theme. It is the soul of your company, including its goals, its mission, and its beliefs. In a more technical sense, your brand is the negotiation of interpretation between how you perceive your company and how your audience perceives it. Here is some advice to help you build a strong logo and presence to stand the test of time.

Clearly Outline Your Brand Strategy and Identity

Before delving into the fun stuff, it’s essential first to consider your company’s overarching goals and core values. What are your long-term goals and vision? Does your company focus on community service, social responsibility, accountability, etc.? Build brand guidelines that can be referred to at any time. These guidelines make it easy for employees and designers to create custom content that aligns with your brand. Think about how you want people to feel about your company and how they will interact with it. Part of building a lasting brand is thinking ten steps ahead of everyone else and being able to anticipate various changes, or at least have leeway to accommodate them. Having a strong foundation makes a solid, trustworthy company. At the end of the day, your company’s core values should be unwavering.

Do Your Research

Your brand should be distinct, memorable, flexible, and cohesive. What does this mean? How your company defines itself should be authentic and distinguishable from the plethora of other companies likely promising similar things. Researching your competitors is a great way to see how you match up, allowing you to do a trial and error simulation based on what has and has not worked for your competition. It’s essential that your logo remains cohesive, from the colors, typography, and the graphics, as with every other form of content your company publishes. For example, a company valuing sustainability and simplicity may opt to have a more minimalist design with sharp, clean graphics.

Be True to Your Brand

People find comfort in consistency. When your brand is consistently delivering on its promises and behaving according to your developed identity, you create a solid foundation that consumers don’t have to question or interpret. You’ve made their job very easy; all they have to do is accept your company, if they so choose, and make further choices from there. Ensure that your logo, website, and your company policies are consistent with your core values and identity. You should directly involve your perceived brand with everything your company does, internally and externally. This goes for internal branding and corporate culture as well.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

As desirable as the notion may seem, you cannot please everyone. Instead, prioritize building loyalty and sustaining customer values. Trying to appeal to everyone will only lead you to spread your efforts too thin, ultimately causing you to compromise your own identity. Starting with a smaller, loyal group of customers, you can gradually build your following. People respect brands that can hold their own even in the face of adversity. In terms of design, think of how your target audience consumes content and how they want to feel about your logo. For example, an eco-friendly audience may gravitate towards more earthy tones in a logo as opposed to louder, more vivid colors. Also, consider having a logo that can be revamped in the event of rebranding, ensuring it is still recognizable and pleasing to its loyal customers.

Organize Offline Marketing Strategies

The next step after designing your logo, it’s essential to establish a strong connection between the logo and your company. The goal is for your customers to be able to identify your company and brand by merely looking at your logo, much like we can identify McDonald’s by its golden arches. It can be helpful to create company merchandise featuring your logo for your employees to wear and to give away at offsite events. This will help to spread your company’s word, linking it to your logo. Of course, ensuring your brand presence is strong and consistent online is also essential. Give customers a good point of reference to learn more about your company.

Stay Active on Social Media

Social media has risen as a powerhouse for marketing and brand awareness, far from the days of spreading trivial content. Because most people turn to social media platforms for information and other content, it’s vital that you feature your logo and company there as well. However, it isn’t just about posting original content; it’s also essential to engage with online followers as well as community building. One of the strengths of social media marketing is that it allows your company to stay in direct contact with your consumers, as well as potential ones. This can heighten brand awareness as well as strengthen consumer loyalty. Also, partnering with the right online influencers can help bring in more potential customers from other corners of the internet.

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