Sandoval Elevator Company

Sandoval Elevator is a family-owned and operated elevator service company in Arizona and Colorado. They focus on elevator maintenance, repair, and modernization projects and specialize in hydraulic elevators and low-rise commercial buildings.

Client Challenge

Sandoval Elevator’s goal was to bring awareness and recognition to their business through a well-developed marketing campaign. They needed help bringing their website, digital presence, and branding up to date and improving their search engine rankings. Additionally, they wanted to increase lead generation and expand their customer base in both Arizona and Colorado.

The Kraus Solution

To help Sandoval Elevator achieve its goals, Kraus Marketing developed a comprehensive marketing strategy, including a modernized website redesign to enhance user experience and improve SEO.

During the development of the website, Kraus provided photo and video services to help the client showcase their services, capabilities, and brand identity. Our team traveled to Arizona to film and capture high-quality content to display on the client’s website and social channels, including an eye-catching 2-minute video highlighting the client’s company, unique value proposition, and commitment to quality.

Once the website was complete, Kraus integrated a digital marketing campaign featuring SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing to increase lead generation, reach new customers, and provide educational content to their audience.

Rising to New Levels

The client saw significant changes to their digital and web presence during the 12-month campaign, from March 2022 — February 2023.

  • Website traffic increased by 177.72%
  • Website sessions increased by 147.24%
  • Social traffic increased by 281.08%, with LinkedIn being a main driver of traffic
  • “Sandoval Elevator” became a top searched inquiry on Google, solidifying its position at #1

By modernizing the website, improving SEO, and strengthening Sandoval Elevators’ digital presence, Kraus was able to significantly increase website traffic, user engagement, and brand awareness. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Sandoval Elevator and supporting their ongoing success in the future.

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