Agape Diamonds

Agape Diamonds is a second-generation jewelry wholesaler known for their flawless lab-created diamond simulates, lab-grown diamonds, and natural earth-mined diamonds. Every piece of jewelry is manufactured with the highest quality materials and finished by artisan jewelers, assuring every detail is expertly crafted.

Client Challenge

Agape Diamonds approached Kraus seeking help in generating brand awareness, boosting leads, and increasing online conversions. They sought engaging videos to drive awareness and sales on TikTok and CTV.

The Kraus Solution

To tackle Agape Diamonds’ challenge, Kraus sought the assistance of Kraus Studios, our expert video production team. We began with a strategic start meeting, delving into the client’s vision and goals, and crafted a script to match. Together, we brought “Finding Love,” a captivating CTV commercial, to life against the iconic NYC skyline in Jersey City, NJ, with a full crew and talented actors.

Back in our Morristown, NJ, studio, we embarked on a journey to craft short-form TikTok content showcasing the brilliance of Agape Diamonds’ jewelry. Whether shining solo or adorning the wrists and necks of our talented actors, each piece told a story of elegance and allure. From here, we transformed the video content into TikTok ads, ensuring they reached the right audience with maximum impact. Within a mere three months, the campaign garnered an astonishing:

  • 1.1M Impressions
  • 6.1K Link Clicks
  • 37 Engagement Rings Sold

Overall Campaign

Within the first three months:




Link Clicks


Engagement Rings Sold

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