Benefits of Display Advertising for your NJ & NY Marketing Campaign

Today advertisements are more than just simple text used to convey a message. They are fun, lively, and sometimes interactive, including video or sound. These types of advertising are known as display advertising and may be just what your business is looking for to increase revenue. This form of digital advertising was once known to be incorrect, random, and a waste of money, but through years of improvements and research, has become a great asset when it comes to building brand awareness and loyalty. Shall we continue?

It is important to note that display ads are no longer solely located at the top of the websites you visit, but are also commonly found on social networks. On most social media display networks, marketers are capable of crafting sponsored posts that fit in line with other, everyday postings. This creates a seamless transition from organic to paid content. Google’s Display Network is also a great option that we encourage clients to consider when appropriate for their campaign. This enables you to attract people searching for topics and interests related to your business. Taking advantage of Google’s ever-changing features are key to staying relevant on the web.

At Kraus Marketing we are also focused on making sure that your display advertisements work efficiently and are seen correctly on multiple devices, including mobile devices and tablets. In 2016, there was around $40 billion worth of mobile ad spend used in the U.S. That goes to show how popular mobile devices are when it comes to usage and that it is not a segment to be skipping out on in your campaign.

Another successful way to use display ads is through retargeting. When someone visits your website and does not complete a conversion event, you can use retargeting ads to bring their attention back to your site. These ads can be found on social media platforms or in web banners. Currently 70% of people are more likely to convert after being served a retargeting advertisement. Here at Kraus Marketing, we commonly use display ads for retargeting purposes due to their proven results. Click here to learn more about retargeting and why we recommend using this tool.

Kraus Marketing is skilled in creating high-quality, native advertisements tailored for each client and their targeted audience. Our team of SEO/PPC specialists and social media experts make sure to use the best platforms in order to share advertisements for your business. They work closely with our focused graphic design team to produce images and video that truly pop. With so many businesses on the internet today, it is important to stand out among competitors in your industry.

If you’re looking for new ways to revamp your advertising campaign, contact us today and learn more about what we can do for you! Our award winning team is ready to create the next best thing in advertising.