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Four-Part Webinar Series

We welcome you to join our four-part e-commerce webinar series, as we share our expertise in strategy, customer acquisition, growth, and retention, UX optimization, and KPI analysis. Marketing in a pandemic certainly has its own challenges but one thing is for sure—e-commerce store sales have been soaring.

During Q1 of 2020, e-commerce sales were up 14.5 percent compared to the same period the year prior. Just from March to April, there was 49 percent jump.

Whether you are looking to get started with e-commerce or manage your current shop, our webinar series will teach you the best practices and techniques your e-commerce shop can benefit from.

Part One: Developing a Strategy for E-commerce Websites

Choose the right e-commerce platform and create a strategy that fits your business model, as well as best practices when developing an online store for the first time.

Thursday, September 10th (9/10/20)
Wednesday, September 16th (9/16/20)

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Part Two: E-commerce Customer Acquisition Strategies

Define your target audience, drive awareness to your e-commerce website, attract new customers, and understand your customer acquisition cost.

Thursday, September 24th (9/24/20)
Wednesday, September 30th (9/30/20)

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Part Three: E-Commerce Customer Growth and Retention Strategies

Stay in front of your existing customers, create hyper-specific retargeting, and launch an interactive email marketing campaign.

Thursday, October 8th (10/8/20)
Wednesday, October 14th (10/14/20)

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Part Four: E-Commerce UX Optimization Strategies and KPI Analysis

Optimize your e-commerce website and understand reports, KPIs, and how to improve your user experience.

Thursday, October 22nd (10/22/20)
Wednesday, October 28th (10/28/20)

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