Consumer Product Case Study

The Challenge:
A leading consumer product company came to us to help modernize and optimize its web presence. The purpose was to raise brand value, enhance the user experience, and increase page views and conversions while being search engine friendly. The consumer product also utilized our social media and SEO services.

The Solution:
The art department and web developers teamed up to create 2-3 customized website concepts. These concepts were developed after the client identified their goals through in-depth interviews our team conducted. Once the client selected the design they liked the most, we created a completely redesigned site.

In addition to the website work we have completed, we supply the consumer product company with fresh content for the website and social media platforms. The digital marketing team worked together to create buckets of topics to center the social media posts on. From there, the team was able to write social posts. After speaking with the client, copywriters were able to gauge what topics to write blog posts on. They then utilized SEO best practices to improve the consumer product’s Google visibility.

The Result:
We designed a website for the consumer product company with a content management system (CMS) and search engine optimized (SEO) foundation. The CMS backend enables both the client and Kraus Marketing to make edits and add new content. The updated website features a professional design, organized navigation, and plenty of high quality content.

Our social media efforts have paid off during our management of the consumer product’s social channels. We have increased impressions, engagement, and following. In addition, we utilize the best practices for social media and have adjusted the frequency we post to each platform. We have weekly calls with the consumer product company to converse about our progress, new changes, and suggestions.

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