Kraus Marketing Team

  • Nick Kraus
    Nick Kraus
    Founder & CEO
  • Michelle Kraus
    Michelle Kraus
    SEO Strategist
  • Nick Westcott
    Nick Westcott
    Web Manager
  • Bohdana Komichak
    Bohdana Komichak
    Art Director
  • Joel Kraus
    Joel Kraus
    V.P. Business Development
  • Erik Nowicki
    Erik Nowicki
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Kristen Begley
    Kristen Begley
    Web Developer
  • Sam Codd
    Sam Codd
    Marketing Manager
  • Kelsea Pearce
    Kelsea Pearce
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Katy Balog
    Katy Balog
    Web Developer
  • Bradley Vallacchi
    Bradley Vallacchi
    Account Manager
  • Ben Averill
    Ben Averill
    Graphic Designer
  • Alex Hirsch
    Alex Hirsch
    Content Coordinator
  • Justine Roche
    Justine Roche
    Executive Assistant
  • Mao-Yue Own
    Mao-Yue Own
    Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Marc Mustachio
    Marc Mustachio
    Account Manager
  • Lizzy Lievendag
    Lizzy Lievendag
    Project Manager
  • Cyrenah Smith
    Cyrenah Smith
    Content Coordinator
  • Dana Pandorf
    Dana Pandorf
    Paid Search Coordinator
  • Jayme Mika
    Jayme Mika
    Content Coordinator
  • Tyler Bansky
    Tyler Bansky
    Business Development Assistant
  • Gabriella Matera
    Gabriella Matera
    Junior Graphic Designer
  • Pavel Aparcana
    Pavel Aparcana
    Junior Web Developer

In Memoriam

July 13, 1984 – May 17, 2018

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our gifted Account Manager and dear friend, Nick Powell. Nick lit up a room with his upbeat, can-do personality and continual positivity. He was a friend to all, a smiling face as you walked in the office, and his seemingly unlimited supply of cheerful anecdotes will be sorely missed by the entire Kraus team. We are so grateful to have known and worked with such a wonderful guy. Link to Obituary