Reach your NJ & NY target audience wherever they go though Digital Radio Advertising

The average American’s daily work commute is about 25 minutes one way. That’s a lot of time spent in your car every year, not counting the numerous other reasons for travel. So, what are you listening to all that time? In a typical day, 90% of Americans are listening to the radio. To break it down even further, 80% of people listen to the radio while driving and 25% listen to it while they work. By incorporating radio advertising into your marketing plan, you have the potential to reach a large targeted audience via traditional radio, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and more.

Although the radio most people think of is a form of traditional marketing, we like to focus on digital radio here at Kraus Marketing. A radio advertisement can help push listeners to your website with a catchy jingle, sales offer, or anything you think represents your brand in a memorable way. As far as pricing, radio is friendly with any budget. The average radio spot can cost from as little as $500 to as much as $10,000 or more. It is dependent on length, station, time of day, and of course how many times you want it played.

Unlike traditional radio of the past, you can target specific audiences through digital radio advertising, such as Pandora and Spotify. Pandora alone has over 78 million active listeners. According to Spotify, 53% of Internet users listen to digital audio. Digital radio platforms enable marketers to target consumers based off of playlists, genre, age, gender, geography, language, behavioral segments, and when and where they listen. With these platforms, advertisers know their money is being spent in the right place.

Also, thanks to the popularity of mobile devices and frequency in which we use them, people are able to access the radio from anywhere at any time on these digital platforms. This increases the number of times your advertisement is heard due to the increased likelihood of listeners on trains, busses, walks, and more.

When it comes to using radio advertising, digital or traditional, you are able to reach people without asking for their full attention. Attention spans today are short and people do not always take the time to focus in on one task like reading a newsletter or watching a full commercial. With radio, you are asking less of them, as it often plays in the background or as we mentioned earlier, while multitasking. They are hearing your message without voluntarily rejecting its presence.

Kraus Marketing has experience creating excellent radio commercials for a wide variety of our clients. Before starting to draft the copy for your radio ad, we will research and define your target audience. This will help us determine where to advertise, what to say, and when to air the commercial. The major benefits of creating a radio commercial are its a low cost, high reach, instant measurable results, and that fact that it’s a time saving alternative to television and print.

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