Traditional Marketing is still an effective tactic when developed with the correct strategy

As a marketing agency, we believe in being media agnostic. We specialize in digital and traditional marketing and recognize the importance of both. As your agency of record, our goal is to make your brand visible to your target audience.

One of those ways, is through traditional marketing. After all, traditional marketing was the original method of advertising for hundreds of years. It can include anything from print, glossy, radio, out of home, television, direct mail, billboards, and newspaper ads.

A benefit of traditional marketing includes reaching a specific audience that does not necessarily use the Internet. Some methods of traditional marketing provide a tangibility that you are unable to receive with digital marketing. However, a major challenge of traditional marketing is the difficulty in measuring the exact reach and impact of the campaign. One way to reduce this difficulty is by providing a unique tracking link or phone number specific to each of your traditional marketing campaigns.

The team at Kraus Marketing has experience crafting a variety of traditional marketing advertisements. For one of our multi-point retailers, we created a magazine featuring content and products that would be interesting for the target audience. It was meant to be a magazine for your coffee table that people can page through and glance at products.

No matter your advertising needs, Kraus Marketing is here to help you stand out from competitors.