Product Marketing Agency

From Concept to Realization

Developing a product is a long, tedious, and most importantly, expensive process and you don’t want to waste it with a weak product launch. Product launches often fail due to poor package design, boring copy and marketing collateral, and/or an unprofessional website. Don’t worry, the pros are here, and we’ll make sure your ready to make maximum impact. Our product marketing services include:

From Concept

Packaging Design

Your packaging design is critical as this is your potential customers first impression of you. Our designs will be developed around your brand, extensive competitive analysis, and our creative expertise. We can help you stand out from your competition with packaging that uses relevant color theory and a focus on customer experience.


Your packaging copy will decide whether your product sells or is placed back on the shelf. Don’t leave it to guess work, leave it to the professionals to write engaging and well-written copy for your products. Our copywriters will sit down with you to discuss what benefits you want to highlight on your package and will create copy that really shines.

3D Rendering

Whether it is a product or a package, you can eliminate mistakes by providing a 3D image to your vendor of exactly what your product or package should look like. Our 3D printers will make real life designs of your product so that you can not only show your potential investors or customers what you are making, but they will be able to touch it and see the actual dimensions of the product itself.

To Realization

Website Design

For optimal reach, your product needs to be online. Whether you’re a new business or you’ve been established for years, it is imperative that your company has a professionally designed website. At Kraus Marketing, we preach, “Perception is Reality.” In other words, the way your company and product appears to prospective and existing clients will have a major impact on whether they choose your business to fulfill their needs. Not having a website or a poorly designed website (even worse) can raise many suspicions for your customers and can even send potential customers running.

Our designs will be developed around your brand, extensive competitive analysis, and our creative expertise.

A Full Service Marketing Agency

Besides being a product-marketing agency, Kraus Marketing is also a traditional and digital advertising agency as well. Kraus Marketing can provide you with any of our services individually or all of them together. Here are some of the other services that we offer our clients:

Marketing & Design

Competitive Analysis

Marketing Plans


Display Design

Booklet and Brochure Design

Corporate identity design

Printing Services (our design or yours)

Large Format Printing i.e. Posters, Banners & Retractable Displays

Booklets, Brochures, Flyers

Point of Sale Material

Business Cards, Postcards


Whether your project is a one page sell sheet, a 3 page microsite, or a full catalog e-commerce site, we can handle it.

Success Stories

Going Green
Developed sustainable product and marketing strategy for Rechargeable Batteries that uses a non-toxic NiMH chemistry. 2008 gross sales topped $6 million with 9 SKU’s, and replaced incumbent vendors at Wal*Mart and Sears.

Call it a Win
Developed marketing message and packaging design for a 2 handset SKU that was placed in Sams Club. Total estimated business at $4.2 million.

Minimize Your Losses
Wal*Mart buyer reduced 5 feet of planogram space to 2.5 feet for the telephone accessories range. This risked reducing Philips SKU count by 50%, however by doing a packaging redesign of the entire product range, the SKU count was reduced by only 28%. This saved an estimated $1 million in revenue.

Redesign for Better Sales
Developed product strategy based on very profitable CVS account that targeted the drug channel. Gross sales for cellular accessories in 2008 topped the projected $4.3 million (actual $4.6), up from just $1.2 million in 2006. Strategy included packaging redesign, updated product design and an updated marketing message.