Pardot Marketing Automation Consulting

Are you looking to enhance your company’s marketing effectiveness and revenue contributions? Pardot, a B2B marketing automation program provided by Salesforce, is a third party service that Kraus Marketing is offering clients to help improve their daily work flow. As a digital marketing agency, we are constantly on the lookout for new tools that will produce more efficient and profitable resources for each of our clients.

Pardot allows your company to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns through one central platform. Learn to take advantage of the resources you already have at hand and in place. Then learn to implement them in a way that initiates higher revenue goals and increases leads while better aligning your sales and marketing teams.

Pardot was made for B2B organizations of all sizes, with multiple plan options depending on the needs and budget of your business.

To help potential users better understand the benefits of Pardot, its key value propositions have been broken down into four categories:

Grow Faster with Smarter Engagement
Pardot assists with your sales cycle by offering your sales team the tools needed to close deals at a quicker rate. You will then be able to identify your best leads, track campaign engagement, and reduce follow-up time. Maintaining better control over your marketing campaigns will allow for a higher client retention rate in the future.

Generate High-Quality Leads
Waste no more time on leads that fail to generate quality leads for your business. Pardot provides your team a set of powerful marketing tools that can be used to easily create landing pages and forms, run efficient email campaigns, and personalize user experience. Do not waste your time with tools and platforms that will only end up tracking spam or disingenuous leads.

Build Meaningful Relationships
Stop spending time and resources on manual labor with useful features such as automated lead qualification and monitoring. This will allow your sales team to focus on bringing in business and allow your marketing team to follow through with in depth campaigns.

Calculate marketing ROI
Monitor campaign performance with Pardot’s customizable dashboard. Develop a complete understanding of what parts of your campaign are working efficiently and what areas could use improvement for future success. Knowing when and where to adjust your efforts is key to running a successful marketing campaign.

Already heard of Pardot (or maybe we just sparked your interest) and you are now in need of someone to help you properly integrate the service?

You are in luck. Kraus Marketing will also sit with your team to make sure you have a full understanding of the platform, to make creating and monitoring future campaigns a smooth process for both your business and ours. When transitioning the service into your usual marketing campaigns, Kraus will:

  • Clearly define goals and objectives for each facet of your integrated campaign
  • Identify and refine target audience
  • Train all team members needed to run the program
  • Implement all tracking codes within your site
  • Go over analytical reports with your team

To move forward with Pardot, contact Kraus Marketing today for more information on how it can better the marketing efforts of your business and the proper way to apply the platform to your daily activity. Several members of the Kraus Marketing team are officially certified in Pardot, and will work alongside you during the process, available for any questions along the way.