Learn how we properly optimize your Amazon products to increase Amazon sales and receive Amazon’s coveted Choice Badge for your online products

Amazon’s Alexa, the company’s voice-powered digital assistant, is now changing the way consumers find products by having them say out loud what it is they are looking for. Products sold on Amazon are at a rapidly increasing risk of losing visibility if they are not recommended by Alexa. Similarly, products not yet being sold on Amazon could benefit from Alexa’s growing popularity by ensuring they are featured in Alexa’s database.

Product based companies now need to focus on increasing their SEO results and being included in Amazon’s Choice program in order to appear at the top of Alexa’s database. There are several specific guidelines that increase the chances of landing on Amazon’s Choice program.

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Products featured on Amazon’s Alexa have an increased visibility and are much more easily available to consumers.

Amazon’s Choice: Getting Your Products Recognized

Amazon’s Choice is not offered for all searches. These products are recommended based on popularity, rating and reviews, availability, shipping speed, and more. Products recognized by this program are marked with an Amazon’s Choice badge, confirming that these are the items Alexa will choose for users when given relevant keyword phrases.

Make sure your item is available on Prime
Alexa has been found to redirect any keyword searches that don’t fit an Amazon’s Choice classification to a top-ranking Prime search result. If your item isn’t available via Prime, Alexa is unable to order the product for the consumer and will send it to Amazon’s Alexa app for manual purchase.

Send your consumers directly to Amazon for the initial sale
When the first sale is made through Amazon, it allows Alexa to track the purchase and recommend the same purchase in the future. The more consumers purchased your product through Amazon, the more Alexa will continue recommending it.

Fully Understand and Manage Shipping Expectations
Amazon is clear in stating how important shipping speed is when you are looking to gain that Amazon’s Choice badge. Amazon focuses a lot of attention on shipping overall, often offering free shipping with certain purchase totals or two-day shipping through Prime.

Keep Track of Product Reviews
Be proactive about reviews on your journey to becoming an Amazon’s Choice item as this is the most important aspect of the decision process for Alexa. Amazon is only looking to guide consumers to the highest quality products.

Optimize for Amazon SEO

Amazon’s search engine optimization indicators are not the same as Google, so optimizing your items may require a different strategy. The better you do in this department, the better your chance of landing an Amazon’s Choice badge. Kraus Marketing can help maximize your Amazon SEO optimization by evaluating the best approach to maximize your product’s SEO for Amazon’s specific indicators.

Kraus Marketing will research and develop an SEO strategy specific to your product, focusing on Amazon’s specific optimization factors including product title, keywords, and descriptions. Additionally, factors such as appropriately developed structured data, and data analyzation are all important to understand and successfully implement in order to have an effective Amazon SEO strategy.

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