Creative Agency

At Kraus Marketing, we believe in the big idea and telling a story. Once we have that big idea, we make sure that it trickles down into everything that you do. We are a dynamic full-service marketing agency skilled in revamping brands, updating websites, building social media presences and optimizing for search engine results. Kraus Marketing’s creative process kick starts your marketing campaign creation beginning with a creative brief.

You might be wondering how can we create a creative brief that encompasses your entire business? Well, we get to fully understand your company through in-depth interviews (IDIs), competitive research, and target audience analysis. IDIs are conducted with key personnel, clients, and employees to determine what people already think of the company. If it aligns with your ultimate vision and goals, then we will fine-tune a branding strategy. If not, we can conduct reputation management to better align your vision and goals with your brand.

Our key goal is to make an emotional connection with your targeted audience to showcase why you are better than your competitors. By the end of our campaign creation and creative, we will have enough direction to unify your traditional and digital marketing messages.

The messaging, imagery, and design elements of your campaign and overall brand will be utilized on several digital and traditional media types. For a retail client, this messaging and imagery has to be strong enough to live on and impact audiences on a billboard, social media banners, and retail website. A business services client may rely more on campaign creation to impact brand awareness via direct mail, brochures, their website, and social media. No matter what product or service your company offers, the big idea and brand story needs to be relayed on multiple platforms throughout your marketing tactics.

Learn how we created unique brands and marketing campaigns for our clients.