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Is Your Real Estate Website Deemed Trustworthy by Potential Buyers?

Is Your Real Estate Website Deemed Trustworthy by Potential Buyers?

Is Your Real Estate Website Deemed Trustworthy by Potential Buyers? 1500 1000 Kraus Marketing

6 Ways to Create a Reliable Real Estate Website

A strong online presence is an integral aspect of modern real estate marketing. For most new buyers or sellers, a website is the first point of contact they will have with you and your business, and maybe the industry as a whole. It is important to set a good first impression by having a reliable real estate website. Adding these 6 tools to your real estate site can improve your impact in a competitive industry that relies heavily on trust.

Mobile Responsive Design

In 2020, every website should be mobile responsive if the business wants to be successful. Mobile responsive sites are automatically adapted to be visually pleasing to mobile users on smartphones and tablets. For the past five years, Google’s algorithm has even been giving higher rankings to responsive sites, giving you no reason to not have one.

With the majority of users searching while on-the-go, you want to ensure that they are able to access all the information your site provides. Users will bounce from your site if it does not properly load on their phone, giving you a higher risk of losing clients to competitors.

Featured Listings

If you’re a real estate professional that specializes in a particular type or category of properties, dedicate pages to each one that further explains what makes them unique. Publishing dedicated pages on your website can engage users in their property search. You can also highlight your latest deals and recommendations, or post about local news that is relevant to your field. Don’t be afraid to showcase your expertise! Keeping these pages frequently updated will show new users that you are active and likely to be responsive.

Search Tools

A competent search tool is potentially the most indispensable feature on your real estate website. Most visitors to your site will be hunting for their ideal real estate property, with many features already in mind. Having multiple search tools will further enhance the user experience.

A quick search toolbar is simple to use no matter the user’s stage in the buying process. Being able to search the most minimal detail about a property will begin their buying journey. This is the type of search bar you should have imbedded on all your pages. An advanced search page should offer wider parameters of filters for users who are further along on their buying journey or simply have more specific needs or wants. Examples of filters are the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, acreage, and backyard features.

Superior Images

No matter how detailed you make the text of your listings, users will always be most drawn to your images. Images do not only engage visitors, they allow them to better visualize themselves within the property, which can increase your likelihood of gaining a client. A higher volume of pictures also helps to show the attention you give to your site and can improve readability, breaking up block text that can bore or turn off readers. Professional photography and videography can provide a great return on investment.

Simple Navigation

To keep users on your site, you need to provide them with the information they are looking for. The best way to do this is with a clean, streamlined navigation. Create a banner of fixed headers that display your site’s main sections at all times. Using descriptive and topical labels will be informative for users and can help SEO. Further adding drop-down menu pages will increase the usability of your site, making it even easier for users to find the most relevant information.

Useful Resources

In addition to posting relevant news stories and other information in a blog format, you can create resources that help expand the reach of your website beyond those buying or selling property. Become a one-stop-shop for all your clients’ needs by publishing tools like mortgage calculators and information sheets, buying and selling guides, market reports, or home valuation tips. These types of content will further establish your expertise in the industry and build your credibility with site visitors.

To stay competitive in the modern real estate business, you need to have a user friendly, optimized site that visitors can trust. Having trust in your site will transition to trusting you as a realtor and expert in the field. If these tips have inspired you to make improvements to your real estate website, look no further. Contact Kraus Marketing today to get started!

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