Corporate Identity Agency

What does your Corporate Identity say about you?

All buying decisions are emotional. What emotion does your brand evoke in your audience? Is it the right one? As your company grows and changes, perhaps your Corporate Identity as well. First impressions are paramount…does your logo still match your identity?

Here at Kraus Marketing, we have many companies that come to us and they are looking to give their brand a face-lift. Maybe the partners who originally started the firm have retired. Maybe you’ve pivoted your marketing strategies and need a new look to go with your strategy. Maybe it’s just outdated.

We offer logo design and branding services that strengthen your brands identity and gives your branding a breath of fresh air.

Developing a Corporate Identity:

At Kraus Marketing, we can help evolve your brand to match your company’s identity. Just tell us your desired emotion and we’ll help create:

  • A corporate identity that matches your brand values
  • Unique logo design that allows you to stand out from your competition
  • Branded logo campaigns that build brand loyalty.
  • Professional marketing collateral including business cards, brochures, sell sheets and letter heads..
  • A lasting first impression for years to come.

Besides creating a Corporate Identity for your company, Kraus Marketing can also create some great messaging that can be incorporated across all of your marketing collateral. We can create taglines for your company that will be placed throughout the website copy, on the banner messaging, throughout your printed collateral and kept consistent throughout all of your marketing. By keeping consistent branding throughout your marketing, people will be able to accurately recognize your company.

Think about the Nike “swoosh” for example. If you were to show the swoosh to most people or the phrase “Just do it,” many people will be able to tell you without a doubt what company that is. Your branding should be able to do the same thing.