3D Rendering Company

Hyper-realistic 3-D Renderings Sell Your Products With Vivid Imagery

Are you bringing a product to market but need to sell the idea to venture capitalists?
Do you need to show the final product’s measurements and functionality to the manufacturer before it’s fabricated?
Are you preparing a presentation that will blow them away with its “you-can-almost-feel-it” realism?

Our computer imaging experts render three-dimensional animated models of your product, using specialized software and graphic design artistry that turn a flat piece of artwork into a photorealistic image that shows exactly what the invention or product will look like once it’s manufactured.

Imagine your new product rendered with lighting, shadow, texture, and optical effects, in realistic colors, in a graphical presentation that makes the artwork come to life. 3-D renderings help your audience fully visualize how a product will look and move before it goes into production. For inventors or entrepreneurs seeking capital to bring a product to market; for manufacturers who need the most realistic rendering to use as a guide before bringing a product to line; for any application that requires exact measurements and product detail, Kraus Marketing will design computer-generated 3-D renderings that deliver impressive lifelike graphic images that create product demand before production’s even begun.

How Kraus Marketing’s 3-D Renderings Help Clients’ Ideas Pop

We have many examples of how our 3-D imagery has helped clients develop and present their concepts in ways that sell, regardless of which point they are at in their own development process.

For example, an aspiring inventor came to Kraus Marketing with a homemade prototype made from regular household products, and a few sketches of her vision for us to work with. Our computer imaging artists created a realistic 3-D rendering of her product concept that presented her idea vividly and that she could use to bid out the production of a professional prototype.

Don’t have sketches but can describe your idea verbally? No problem! We have worked with clients who come to us with a dream and the ability to articulate it. For one such client we created the actual product sketches for him based on his verbal description, then rendered the realistic 3-D imagery based on those sketches.

No matter where you are in your process, Kraus Marketing can help you flesh out your concept and bring it to life through professional 3-D image renderings.